I want to thank Sara Dunn for asking this question. In her video, she on her YouTube Channel she talks about how she's setting goals for the year over 12-week periods based on the 12-Week Year.

This year, I created themes for myself and the business. The reasoning behind this is simple. If I have a project, decision, or question where I'm suddenly faced with the option to go one way or another, the theme will highlight the right choice.

I've created each theme based on who I want to be and the purpose and value of the business.

I've created 3 themes for the year and they are "intentional community", "commitment to my marriage," and "ship new products".

Let me address the middle one since that is the easiest.

There is nothing wrong with our marriage at all, in fact we have our second child on the way at the time of this recording in Feb.

When I say commitment to my marriage I mean doing the little things and enjoying time with my wife as a couple. Any parent knows that with a little one, or even 2 little ones, time together just the two of us becomes harder and harder to come by.

I don't want to lose that identity and what made us, "us".

Doing some of the little things together. Like grabbing an hour here and there whether that's going out on a date night, staying in and watching a movie, or grabbing a quick cup of tea together in the morning.

Intentional community is about creating a close-knit community of like-minded business owners who are real, genuine, and want to create a business that's designed around their lives.

There are so many products and programs out there that are a bit dime-a-dozen. Where they promote to you over and over and over again and then when you buy, you are left wondering where everyone went. I've been subject to them and I know you have too.

I don't want that for anyone that comes across me or my business. If you download something free like the client onboarding sequence or get 1-on-1 business coaching you will get an experience that is a bit unique and I will genuinely care about your results.

The final one, ship new products, is pretty self-explanatory. Though it aligns with "intentional community" theme. By learning a bit about everyone that comes into my world and listening to their wants, needs, and desires, I want to be able to easily create products to help you succeed.

Now when I'm faced with any sort of difficult decision, I can't go wrong if the choice aligns with any of the themes.

I'm trying this for the first time this year, because like Sara mentioned in her video. Often when setting goals for the year, by June some of those goals are not relevant anymore.

No matter what happens, these themes will be relevant because these are things I value.

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