With video, social media, and other platforms popping up daily, it’s inevitable that you’ll be enticed to follow and jump all in on the new platform.

It’s important to remember that putting your content on rented land means that you need to play by their rules and those rules can change in an instant.

Case in point, I started this podcast on Anchor. Then around episode 30 or 35, I noticed that Anchor was injecting ads into the broadcast. Which I fully understand why, but it just didn’t feel right for the show from my perspective. And so I pulled the podcast onto my own website.

You’ll want to produce content elsewhere to get those eyeballs, but you’ll always want to produce content on your own site, in your own blog.

This can be overwhelming, but to give you a bit of a starting point, I want to share with you 5 types of articles to start with.

All these types of articles are tailored specifically to what someone is searching for.

All of these types of articles can work for any industry, business, or niche.

They are known as “The Big 5” and Marcus Sheridan in his book They Ask You Answer is the inspiration behind what this podcast is all about.

The first and maybe obvious one is


What are the problems, struggles, concerns or issues that people have.

Think about your buying habits and what you research. You’ll search for the negative reviews, the things that could go wrong, and even the bad things could result in you making this purchase.

Instead of shying away from these, embrace them. It builds trust and honesty with the reader and your potential customers.


People obviously want to know what the cost is, how much are they going to have to spend on your services.

Most freelancers don’t put their price on their website. I do, but must don’t because they feel that they may be restricting themselves or painting themselves into a corner and limiting what the projects they take on.

Now this doesn’t mean to put an article up that has your prices in it, but it can mean that you can speak to what goes into the price.

Which factors affect the price.

Explaining the reasons behind the pricing models and who they suit best.

Even why a certain service costs more than another.


We all do it, we search for comparisons. We read up on which TV is better. Mac vs PC. iPhone vs Samsung.

If you are running a marketing business your customers may be searching for things like SEO vs Pay-per-click or Email marketing vs Content Marketing trying to figure out which is better for their business.

By writing articles that compare your own services together with comparing products and service that aren’t will earn trust and position you with an unbiased perspective on the market.


The fourth type of article are reviews.

These are pretty self-explanatory and you may not think to do this for services, but a way to position yourself in the market by giving reviews of other vendors in the space.

Best of

Finally “Best of” articles. These are fantastic for putting content out and ranking for the skills and tools that you use in your business.

They’ll help when potential clients search for things that they’ll want to use in their business. Which will then open the doors of opportunity for you to grab their attention and work down the road.

I encourage you to think about the things you do every single day and put together a list of titles of articles with these types in mind.

Don’t be afraid to mis them up either. You can certainly do an article on the Best Web Developers in Oceanside, NY and include things like cost and reviews in the article.

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