How do I know David Shriner-Cahn?

David Shriner-Cahn is the founder of Tend Strategic Partners and co-founder of the BestNetwork, which guides expertise-driven business owners to build recurring revenue.

David and I know each other from the NY entrepreneurial space. We met a few years ago in an online community called Youpreneur. Then we continued to keep in touch, meet up and continue spreading the word for building sustainable businesses.

David invited me on his podcast since we are both NYers and share in our love for podcasts. No I’m kidding (sorta), but he did invite me on because I’ve been doing client services work for so long and thought that I could bring value to his audience.

How to stop the feast or famine cycle? - Smashing The Plateau podcast


How to stop the feast or famine cycle

In case you don’t want to read the rest of this, you can check out the full episode for all the details.

In the episode, I shared a variety of things including:

  • Origin of the word “freelancer”
  • Why freelancers don’t need more clients
  • The mindset and discipline are key to building recurring revenue

Specifically I talk about building recurring revenue and how you can dive into the heart of any project or business owner and figure out what is most important to them.

Then once you understand what that is, how to work backwards and start to filter for that throughout all aspects of your sales process, starting with your project brief.

The main takeaways from this show are:

  • How by using a project brief or application you can weed out the bad leads immediately.
  • By getting to the underlying cause of the need for the project, you can start to build your business around those you serve and the value you provide.
  • How to become the expert in your field.

Definitely go check it out.

If you have a chance too, check out a few of the other episodes as well.

I’d like to thank David for being a part of it and included along amazing folks like Jessica Yarbrough, Gabriel Neuman, and Ben Walker

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Having introverted tendencies is something most freelancers have, myself include. But getting outside of the comfort zone and speaking, guesting on other podcasts, or writing on other blogs is something that’s allowed me to answer plenty of questions for others and help them in ways I could have never imagined.
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