Today I’m going to share with you 3 tools that I’ve found extremely helpful, useful, and are making my life and business better.

These aren't your run of the mill tools that you hear everywhere (at least not yet - or at least I hadn't ;) )

Bonjoro, Undraw, and Hey Meta.

Review of Bonjoro

The first is I’ll be honest, I’m not sure where I heard of this tool, but in using it, I’ve grown to love the company as well.

Full disclosure, I am an affiliate so if you want to check out Bonjoro and would like to buy me a beer, please click the link.

But to be perfectly honest, this app was a part of this list prior to me being an affiliate anyway.

Bonjoro is an app that you can tie into your own systems and send a personalized video to. So for example, when you get a new customer or even someone filing out your contact form, this app will ping you to record a video on your phone.

I’ve used this for a number of things and if you have attended one of my Live Q & As or newly signed up to my newsletter, you’ll have received one from me.

I’ve had conversations with folks and learned more about who they are and how I can help just by initiating the conversation with these videos.

The metrics are awesome! Seeing when someone opens your video, or clicks on the call-to-action is great, but getting replies is the best.

If you can compare email metrics to Bonjoro’s, Bonjoro’s knock email out of the park. Open rates around 70%, click through rates around 30%, you can’t come close to that with email.

It helps you in your onboarding and introducing folks to your business in a very personal way.

Plus, the folks there are awesome and super helpful with anything you need. And they take photos of themselves in bear suits, so what’s more fun than that?

Review of Undraw

The second tool I want to share with you is

If you are looking for illustrations to help brighten your content or social media, then check out

This isn’t just your average stock/illustrations website. They are continuously adding new illustrations every week around the types of images you need. Images like “clients”, “mindset”, “workout”, “analysis”, “mail sent” and close to 300 more.

The best part of this site is you can change the color scheme of them to match your brand.

That’s game changer right there!

With one click of the mouse, all the illustrations are now using your color scheme!

Review of Hey Meta

The final tool I want to mention is

Ever want to know how your website or new blog post will look inside a text or Slack or the various social media platforms?

Goto, put in your URL and hit enter.

It’ll show you how it’ll look, but if you don’t like the way it looks, you can change it on-the-fly.

When you do that, you’ll be able to type in your title, description and new image that you want to use and generate the meta tags right there to put into your website.

Simple, effective, and ensures that your new page will look good in the platform that you are sharing it.

Main Takeaways

  • Looks for tools that make your life easier but solve one this at a time
  • Keep in mind how your website will look and on point with your brand
  • Connection with people in the real world will always be most effective than automated communication
  • Do something that delights people
  • Simple tools produce exceptional results

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