What did your parents/partner say when you told them you wanted to freelance?

This is a great question on so many levels.

I’ve been there, wondering what is someone that is important to me, is going to say about my career choice.

I was nervous to have my in-laws find out for the first time what I do. I have been nervous at times to find out what close friends have thought.

Today I dive a bit into my personal life that I haven’t done before.

So have a listen and see if you can relate.

The main thing though is you want to make sure that you surround yourself with supportive people. Not necessarily supportive of your choice, but support you.

What I mean by that is, to this day, my Mom still doesn’t really understand what I do, but she is proud of the life and happy if I’m happy. My friends may question some of my decisions I choose around doing or not doing something work related, but they know that I always manage to figure out a way.

If you surround yourself with doubters or people who will judge you constantly, then they will inevitably start to rub off on you and you’ll start to doubt yourself. These people are detractors.

If your family are detractors, then take what they say as concern for your well-being and security and their own fears of the unknown. It doesn’t mean that they don’t support you, it’s just that they may not see down the same path as you.

It’s family, remember that.

Instead I encourage you to surround yourself with folks who may challenge you, play a bit of a devil’s advocate if you will.

Find your own path, don’t be shy about telling someone about you freelancing. Let them think what they think and leave it at that.

There’s really no better time than now to plant your flag in the freelance space.

You rock! 🤘

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