No doubt you are feeling as if you are stuck in the freelancer hamster wheel of sorts. I know because I was there myself.

You have a bunch of clients under your belt, your skills are growing and your processes are really starting to be defined as a business.

The problem is that you are still trading time for money.

Your skills are advancing and you want to be able to grow the revenue accordingly. What will happen though is that your growth of revenue will start to plateau and hit a ceiling.

If you haven’t already, you need to niche down or specialize your business.

Start to figure out what problems you are solving for your clients over and over again.

Start figuring out which clients of yours that you work with the best.

Start figuring out an industry or even technology that you are working with to deliver the solution.

By doing this, you can start to build and increase your profitability.

You’ll start to deliver the solution quicker and more effectively. You’ll start to be able to anchor your price to the value of the return the client gets, not to the time you are actually billable.

Your client sees a price that is a no brainer for them to spend when the ROI on that investment is proven time and time again.

Specialize and Find your niche

It took me a long time to realize that being everything to everyone was a fast track to the feast or famine cycle. Here is where you’ll find the latest answers to finding your niche and making sure it's a profitable niche.
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