What do you do again?

With the holidays fast approaching, one of which here in the U.S. just passed, there are bound to be parties to go to. Ones where you will meet folks who haven’t a clue as to what you do.

Don’t you love those folks who find out that you are a designer or developer and automatically want you to solve their home Wifi issues or their printer problems?

Well let’s solve that by coming to the table with something that helps them understand what specifically you do.

In episode 146 – Should I call myself a “freelancer”? I shared my thoughts on this topic (or debate really) and that it’s really about how you conduct yourself that matters.

This though is how you present yourself to the industry and market, not while holding a drink with holiday music in the background.

This is often called the elevator pitch.

I have a template for this that is:

“I help get . So they can .”

Here’s the thing, when you ask someone what it is that they do and they respond with “I’m a divorce attorney” you don’t ask them to look over your contract do you?

If they say “I’m a contractor” do you ask them to come hang some frames on the wall.

Of course not, you know that they don’t do that.

When you share these 2 sentences, there’s no question who you help and what you do.

To be honest, they may not even understand you. Only recently when I say “I help established online businesses increase revenue through repeat buyers and decreasing the time to the first purchase. So that they can focus on what they are great at and not get stuck in the weeds of technology” have I been getting any sort of followup.

When I said “I’m a web developer” I would get half of the people asking some followup about their own site or own computer problems. Or some crazy idea of a new website they had.

There are 3 key aspects to this 2 sentence reply:

  1. By stating who you work for, they immediately know whether it’s them or not.
  2. They identify (or don’t) with the last bit which is the pain point that you are solving.
  3. When you state the results of what you do, that sticks in their minds as you being referable.

Point 3 is an interesting point here.

As a web developer, the next time this person hears someone, anyone, who needs work on their site, they will mention you and hand over a bad lead.

Now as someone who increases repeat buyers for the online business, or increases appointments to the practice, or creates a batter client onboarding for SaaS products, when that person hears any of these, then they will refer to you and give you a more qualified lead.

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