Today’s going to be very different because it’s my birthday today and I want to give you the gift of vision. If you aren’t listening to this on Sept 20, that’s ok too, because this will help you anyway.

It’s going to be a quick one for you and I hope that it’s going to be helpful for you as well.

When it gets close to your birthday, don’t you get asked this question? Especially from family members or close friends, right?

I always find this a little awkward because I don’t ask for things. Yes, I’m a gadget geek, love the Mets, and all types of toys from the 80s that I grew up with, but they are all things that aren’t necessary in my life.

To be honest, I’d much rather have folks if they must spend some money, either give to a charity they can get behind, or spend it on my son TJ.

So you are probably wondering where’s this going, Jason?

Well, since it’s my birthday today and I am always in your corner to help you any way that I can, I want to share a gift with you. The gift of vision.

This is going to sound pretty basic and crude, but I tell you, it works.

Grab yourself a post-it note and write down a reward for yourself for all the hard work you do.

This could be a nice dinner out, a gadget you want to get, a vacation even. Whatever it is, make it something that means something to you is a treat.

Take that post-it and stick it to your monitor. Put it front and center so that throughout your workday, or during client calls, or when the day seems to be throwing everything in your way, you have that within your vision.

It’ll keep you motivated to push through and treat yourself at the end of the week, month, or whatever fits best for you.

I’ve been doing this for years and when I reward myself, I pull it off and then put up a new one. It really does help keep me focused on what I need to do and stay on track.

When you do it, I’d love to see what you do. Take a photo of it and tag me on Twitter @rezzz or on Instagram @rezzz20. That could be your birthday gift to me.

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