Gwen asked this during the Feast Monthly Round Up Call. And I thought that considering I don’t consider myself a great writer, that you would get something out of this answer.

The Feast Monthly Round Up Call is an open forum call inside the Feast membership website that we have each and every month.

She has been reading my content for some time and thought that it must take quite a while for me to research, write, and then publish an article.

Since she knew that I don’t fancy myself a writer, that I must have some secret sauce to share.

Well, like I told Gwen, it does take some time, thought, and effort to publish something.

Let me share with you my process and how I go about writing my content, whether it’s a blog post, podcast notes, or something on Quora.

1. Valuable Content

It has to provide some value to someone, otherwise, it’s filler and that’s not the type of content I want out there.

I enjoy reading, listening to, or watching something that I can learn from and walk away with something that I can use or take action on.

So that’s what I try to write and speak to.

2. Who is the reader?

I have to know who I’m writing for. Down to the singular person sitting there reading those words.

You are listening to this episode because you are curious about writing in some form or fashion. (Well, if you are seeing this, then you are reading it). Maybe you are writing already and looking to pick up something.

Each and every piece of content I write I pretend like it’s just for that one person. I want to make sure that it resonates with them personally so they can walk away from it with the value they expected.

Speaking in generalities, at least for me, does not work as well. For anything I do it, I guess, since well all I talk about is helping you niche down, right? :)

3. What is the end result?

I start with the end in mind.

I try and figure out what I want that reader to come away with and work backward.

What is the outcome or the transformation that I want the reader to go through?

4. Is the content relatable?

Make it personal at some level, whether that's personal, professional, comical, dramatic. Whatever makes sense.

I enjoy sharing my own experiences in my content. You may have heard me say this before, “I’m just a guy from NY and if I can do it, so can you.”

When I am reading something and the person shares an experience that is similar to me, I don’t feel so “alone”. I feel better knowing that I’m not the only person out there with the same struggle, problem, question, story, or whatever it is that the content revolves around.

By sharing experiences, it makes a connection.

5. Is it compelling?

Try and make it entertaining.

At some level, all content needs to be entertaining. No one wants to read something that goes on like one of those huge car manuals.

6. Just sit and write

I find a time and place that’s comfortable and open up Ulysses and write.

Ulysses is my app of choice because I enjoy writing in Markdown, which is a markup language that essentially is plain text. For me it’s easy to just write and have all the formatting dealt with later.

7. Put the finishing touches on it and push publish

If I need to polish it up by doing the research, I do. Then I put the necessary links and other elements that are needed into the piece of content. Format it in the way that best fits the place it will live. And push publish.

That’s it. It’s simple, works for me, and I do it quite often if I don’t really consider myself a writer.

I’m constantly learning too, maybe that’s tip 8. I try to get better all the time and improve as I go. Hopefully, that comes across if you’ve read some of my content from a few years ago.

Thanks, Gwen for the question.

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