In this episode, you are going get 5 tips you can get freelance work as a web developer when starting out. The sad truth is that the content that's out there today is still that of 10 years ago. As a web developer, an individual developer, I went down a long and windy road that you don't need to.

Most of the advice is learn as many different languages as you can. Build up your portfolio. Get out and do local networking. Get on job boards.

I’ll did all these things and what it landed me was smack dab in the middle of generalist-ville and back to sitting in a cube full-time.

It’s no wonder why so many freelancers are always stuck in the feast or famine cycle with this sort of advice still out there.

Here are the 5 things I dive into in this episode:

  • Talk with your existing network and probe for projects to work on
  • Start figuring out a niche
  • Get yourself organized
  • Charge what your worth
  • Ask for referrals

Specialize and Find your niche

It took me a long time to realize that being everything to everyone was a fast track to the feast or famine cycle. Here is where you’ll find the latest answers to finding your niche and making sure it's a profitable niche.
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