There are many challenges in getting premium freelance clients.

Let me first explain what “premium” means to me.

I equate this to the type of client I want to work with. One that’s respectful, values what I bring to the table, has thought about their project enough to a point where we can discuss candidly about budget, time, and expectations and the last piece to that puzzle is that we are a fit personality wise.

These 4 things for me are critical to the success of the project.

In order to land higher priced projects, clients need to understand and be willing to pay those prices.

Remember price is subjective, you want it as high as possible. Whereas the client wants it as low as possible.

To make the pricing conversation steer clear of other suitors, you and the client have to be a fit for each other.

Premium freelance clients will have thought about their project and what it means for their business for more than 30 minutes after having a conversation with a friend at a BBQ.

Premium freelance clients will also understand the value someone brings to them because they’ve thought about an ROI to the project that’s acceptable to them. They realize that by putting $X they hope to get $Y back.

In this episode I'll explain how you can do this effectively so you’ll diminish or remove altogether, the gap between your high price and their low price.

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