This is part 1 in a 5-part series called Stop The Cycle where you’ll get an actionable item to take away with you at the end of the show to help your sales and marketing so that you are on the way to stop having the feast and famine killing your business.

Don't let the client work get in the way

When you are deep in project work, it’s so easy to let your marketing slide. We’ve done it, those client problems you’re solving mean money right now.

You need to have something in place at all times to have your marketing going.

It’s not today or tomorrow that will hurt when you are heads down on a project and not marketing your business. It’s next month or 3 months from now.

See when you don’t market yourself today or tomorrow or the day after that, you fall behind quickly. The fall you take is much further than if on the fourth day you do market yourself.

Consistency above all else matters.

It’s not just because of an algorithm, it’s human nature.

Don’t you see successful people doing the small things every single day. People like Chris Ducker, Ryan Carson, and others.

Not saying you need to create a daily post or podcast or highly produced video, I get it. But no doubt you are scrolling through your feed and find inspiration, value and useful posts that you can then go ahead and re-share to your audience.

That’s marketing, that’s creating awareness of you and that’s how you stay top of mind.

You have no idea where that next potential client will learn about you for the very first time. At least not yet anyway.

Consistently putting your name, your business out into the world will give your potential leads and clients an opportunity to find you.

Stop the Cycle

If this is something you are finding difficult, you aren’t alone. Which is why Curtis McHale and myself have built a workshop called Stop The Cycle.

During the workshop, Curtis and I pull back what we’ve done in our sales processes that have let us build 6 figure businesses without 60 hour work weeks.

If you haven’t already done so, head to Stop the Cycle to learn about the details of the workshop and all the resources for you and how you will stop the feast and famine from killing your freelance business.

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