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If you are anything like me, especially before I had systems in place to help me, client work always took precedence.

Client tasks came first.

Client emails came first.

Anything I need for my business to grow and become sustainable was pushed off until “tomorrow.”

It seems to make sense though, right? They are paying you.

The thing is all those times you push aside your projects, tasks, and work to be done, you have to work ten times harder to dig yourself out of the famine part of the feast or famine cycle.

Maybe you’ve been trying to build processes and systems in your business for a while only to be pulled back in. (said in the worst Michael Corleone impersonation ever!)

…maybe you need some accountability.

…maybe you have this already in place and want to join a community of like-minded business owners

…maybe you are a bit competitive and want to put some skin in the game.

If so, I’d like to invite you to join my daily work on the business challenge.


  • Work on your business 14 – Sep 22 for 14 days – Join
  • Work on your business 14 – Sep 8 for 14 days – Currently going (16 business owners)
  • Work on your business 13 – Aug 21 for 14 days – Currently going (11 business owners)
  • Work on your business 12 – Aug 4 for 14 days – Complete (12 business owners)
  • Work on your business 11 – Jul 18 for 14 days – Complete (10 business owners)

How this works

We use the SPAR! Social Habit Building app (currently iOS only). It’s FREE.

When you download the app, click on link to add yourself to the challenge.

Since we check-in 5 times per week, the latest you can join in would be 2 days after the start of the challenge.

You need to add in your credit card details though. This is where it gets interesting because if you miss a check-in, you will be charged a penality and that goes into the pot.

If you finish the challenge successfully, you will not be charged. In fact, you’ll win a portion (or if you are the sole person, all) of the pot.

You’ll be able to chat and see the leaderboard once you are in. It’s actually pretty simple once you are inthere.


What is SPAR! app?

SPAR! lets you challenge your friends to build a healthy habit in a super effective, fun, and social way.

Why SPAR!?

Winning money is fun and amazing! But losing money sucks. It is worse than sucking. We are wired to avoid loss of any kind. Accountability and the aversion to loss is a powerful combination to build good habits.

Can I leave the challenge?

You can leave in the first 24 hours with no penality.

What do I get from it?

Nothing. Unless I am one of the winners. (However, based on the previous challenges, I’ve been known to be paying into the pot.

How do I get my winnings?

The total pot at the end of the challenge is split between all the winners. SPAR! takes a small portion of that. You can cash out via the app.

Can I invite other friends?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to.

How do I check-in?

You press record on the app and talk about what you accomplished that day for your business. If it’s the first check-in of the challenge, describe your goal for the challenge and we’ll all hold you accountable to it.

/ Jason Resnick

Jason is a WordPress developer helping small businesses, design and marketing agencies achieve their goals by specializing in Ecommerce and increasing conversions. Learn more about him here.

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