Feast - Community and Coaching for Developers and Designers


Feast is the community and resource hub for developers and designers ready to get off the project searching hamster wheel and actually run the business they set out to build.

Feast helps position you in the market with what you do, who you help and helps you build the processes and systems for client management, sales, marketing, and delivery.

  • Get personalized guidance to meet you where you are today! (You'll get this no where else!)
  • Get the ideal client for your business through specialization
  • Build services that bring in predictable income (dare I say recurring revenue)
  • Get the marketing plan and systems
  • So that you can live your life!
"I did increase my salary 221.93% as compared to last year! You can't get a raise like that working for someone else. Freelancers have all the fun!"
Butch Ewing
Developer, bruceandeddy.com
"I've gained confidence to say 'no' to bad customers. Our focus has improved a lot. Rather than working on everything at once, the coaching sessions helped breakdown and prioritize the work."
Kate Gilbert - wpsuperservice.com
Kate Gilbert
Developer, wpsuperservice.com

Feast is much more than a Course ...

Feast is a community and course for developers and designers at every level who are looking to specialize their business (or niche down) and build predictable income. 

Whether you are starting out or a couple of years into your business, I guarantee your dev skills and design chops are not a problem. What most get hung up on is the business aspects. The marketing, the sales, the communication, the client management, and the delivery of services.

Here are the 3 things that help our Feasters get powerful results.

PersonalizeD GUIDANCE

This is not available anywhere else, but Feast!

Your business isn't the same as everyone else. It is essential for me to meet you where you are and make sure you are getting the exact tools to go running out of the gate, so that you don't get lost in the shuffle.

The moment you sign up, you'll get a link to chat with me so I can create a syllabus to meet you where you are so that you can get to where you want to be.

With over 70 videos, lessons, resources, monthly community calls, and a Slack community, I can get what YOU need to you right away.

I'll also be available to you throughout your path to success.


Running a business is lonely, even if you have a team.

As a Feaster you'll be a part of a community of like-minded developers and designers
also looking to build predictable income
and systems in their business.

Support and confidence from everyone
helps you make great strides
to achieving the goals that you set out for
when you started your business.


No more fighting with job board algorithms and tweaking profiles for hours on end to compete with others in a race to the bottom.

No more endless searching Google
and reading posts from 2008.

Everything in Feast is what's working
and proven for today's market.

Resources, strategies, tactics, and templates
are all being used in businesses today.

Join Today for $69/month

You didn’t start your own business because you wanted to work more, right? It’s time to realize that dream and make it happen. Feast will get you there.

Want 3 months free? Sign up for the annual price.

Feast - Community and Coaching for Developers and Designers
Feast is a resource hub and community for you to grow your business, to learn from, and ultimately achieve your goals.

Feast isn’t like any other course.

It’s a system designed to give you the tools, knowledge, and help you by teaching you the methods and strategies needed to build a sustainable web development or design business through specialization.

Feast is designed to take you along the path to setup your business for success by defining the solution that fits your ideal client, the processes to put in place to get and manage those clients, and a marketing plan for the business to grow.


The Feast Roadmap is 6 modules with 6 lessons in each module.

Each lesson will have a video lesson with downloads, templates, scripts, swipe files, and action items to put into your business.

Module 1 - Client Framework

Laying the foundation for putting you and your business in the best position possible.

  • Recurring Solution Scorecard
  • Figure Out Your Rate
  • Craft Your Elevator Pitch

Module 2 - POsitioning

You are the "go-to" person for your clients. It's time to showcase that to your leads.

  • Email Templates
  • 30+ Ideas for Blog Posts
  • Pre-Written Email Sequences

Module 3 - LEAD INTAKE

Make your client's life easier by an amazing and easy support system.

  • Setup Lead Generation
  • Email Swipe Files
  • Setup Help Desk / Support System


Take care of your client by communicating the process effectively from the moment they sign.

  • Setup Onboarding Sequence
  • Time Tracking Setup
  • Milestone Happiness Templates for Referrals & Testimonials


Increase revenue in the business through reflection and review on the business.

  • Business Optimization for Growth
  • Idea Tracking
  • Win Celebration

Module 6 - Marketing

Living in the Feast means that you have your marketing in place to predictably bring in revenue.

  • Outreach Email Templates
  • Cold and Warm Lead Sales Funnels
  • Pattern Recognition


Feast Tracks

Feast Tracks which are actionable, 10-minute long lessons designed to move the needle of your business forward. Each lesson is a process, system, application tutorial, or walk-through for your to work on your business, not in it.

Join Today for $69/month

You didn’t start your own business because you wanted to work more, right? It’s time to realize that dream and make it happen. Feast will get you there.

Want 3 months free? Sign up for the annual price.

The Community

Ask Rezzz - Daily Podcast Answer Your Freelance Questions
Personalized Guidance

Exclusive to Feast is the personal, 1-on-1 guidance to help you achieve results. This you get from Day 1. Not as add-on or bonus. It's included! It's what I had looked for when I was starting my development business. Think of it like a guidance counselor or university advisor. You have to do the work, but I'll help point you in the direction to go.

Learn from Experts

Get exclusive access to conversations with experts in the freelancing space. Folks such as Brian Casel, Kai Davis, Curtis McHale, Matt Medeiros, Megan Gray, and Justin Jackson sit down with me and talk about their story, how they achieved success, and offer up their best tips for freelancers.

Feast Private Community

A community of like-minded Feasters who struggle with the same things that you are, who hold you accountable, and help you grow your business in ways you couldn’t imagine. It's a private Slack Group where amazing connections are made with other Feasters. Spontaneous calls, ask the community questions in real-time, networking resources, proposal reviews, etc. (The best part, I'm in there every single day too 😉)

Round-Up Monthly Community Calls

Every single month we will hold a Round-Up Call facilitated by myself, Jason, for your questions, concerns, client situations, and various other topics from the community.


Jason Resnick

I’ve been a freelance web developer since 2010 building all sorts of websites. When I listened to clients I wanted to work with, then focused on the solution they wanted, that is when I realized my goals of running my own business  were in reach. #1 goal was being able to spend time with family. Once I realized how I was going to get there, I went all-in. Now I can step away from the business and enjoy life.

"'A rising tide raises all boats.' I created Feast so that developers and designers can learn and thrive from a foundation I wish that I had and that's working in today's market."

30-Day money Back Guarantee

What happens if the course just doesn’t work for you?

If you don’t love the course in the first 30 days, let me know and I’ll give you a refund.

My goal is to make sure your business grows in a positive direction. If you give Feast an honest effort by implementing the methods and systems in your business and you don’t get any growth, then I haven’t done my job and do not deserve to keep your money.

Note: There are no magic beans, silver bullets, or quick hits that will make your business grow without any work. As a business owner there is a ton of hard work, but with the right tools and right mindset, your business will be sustainable and will grow so that you can achieve the type of life you want. If you aren’t going to put in the work, don’t buy this course, it’s not for you. But if you are ready to roll up your sleeves, get to work, and build your business to achieve success, then by all means this course is for you.

Join Today for $69/month

You didn’t start your own business because you wanted to work more, right? It’s time to realize that dream and make it happen. Feast will get you there.

Want 3 months free? Sign up for the annual price.

Have Some Questions? So Did a few others

Whether you have 0 or 1000 clients (btw I have and only need 7) you will get something from this. I can’t guarantee that some folks won’t be sharing things about their current business and hurdles they have. But that is more that you can learn from if you are just starting out. The lessons, the Slack community, expert chit chats, group calls, and any other new content within the course will be for anyone looking to build a sustainable business. Whether it’s Day 1 or Day 1000, doesn’t matter. The ideas and methods will work for you.

Key difference is the approach I take in Feast vs every webinar/course on the topic I’ve bought. Feast takes a very different approach. I don’t dump you a bunch of videos or PDFs. I don’t leave you hanging high and dry after I hand you the templates to use in your business. I help you and make sure that you slide them into your processes. I guide you every step of the way. Yes, me, myself, and I. I don’t pass you off to someone else.

Then I give you the next step and help you keep iterating on your business. It produces momentum, gives you small quick wins and gets you motivated. All of which gives you confidence and increases your chances of reaching your goal. I know this first hand, because my goal was to 10x my monthly revenue in one year. By putting this in place, I was able to achieve that goal in 6 months.

At the end of the day that’s a question you have to answer. If you can’t put groceries in your fridge, then I don’t want you to buy the course. However I can tell you that the lessons in the course made me over $100,000 last year alone. I’ve built my business with what you will learn in FEAST. This is an investment. Instead of thinking how much ANY item costs, ask yourself how much does it cost in relation to how much it makes you. For example, if you take a college class that costs $3,000 and as a result you can go out the next week and make $10,000 in income, would you pay for it? Absolutely! I know if you put a genuine effort into implementing the lessons in the course, you’ll get your investment back multiple times over with the next client you land. It’s not about the bottom-line cost; it’s about the return on that investment.

No. There are 70+ lessons and videos. On top of which there are all the monthly Round-Up Call recordings. Plenty of material for you to look at on Day 1.

See point 1 all the way up top though. I provide the guidance to help you sift through that so that you can get to work on what you need to, right now.


The Roadmap is an online video course with 6 modules. Each module has 6 lessons. Each lesson is a video with downloads, links, and homework for you to take action on. But you also will get access to updated tracks for actionable strategies and implementations for your business.

Absolutely. They will only be available within the membership website.

Absolutely not! It’s for developers, designers, marketers, writers and anyone looking to build a business designed around the life they want to live.

Many of the examples and references may be geared towards developers and designers.

Bottom line, though, there is no coding involved 😉