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I'm in the trenches with you providing client services today and over the past decade. I enjoy sharing what I'm working on in real-time and let's face it the results, good, bad, or otherwise.

"I really liked the onboarding templates (can't decide which one I like best!)"

- Linz,

"Jason - Love this email. It is so well said and drives the point home."

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He's one of the few people I would take advice from, because I know that he has clients. He's not just making money off selling courses on how to make courses. He walks the walk and not talking the talk.

- John Locke, Founder and SEO

I get a lot of emails, as I’m sure you do. I always read Jason's. It’s also personal and have the presentation right.

- Keith Brooks,

"One email I truly appreciate and enjoy getting is the one from @rezzz. It is just great, precise, valuable info, and love the stuff under the signature."

- Raphie W, Founder, Scope Sound Media

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