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You didn't start a business to work more right? You'll find free and paid resources specifically to help you build predictable income in your freelance business so that you can step away from the screen and live life.

Do you want better clients who respect you?

Want to get recurring and predictable revenue?

Do you feel like you're in a silo all by yourself with no one to bounce ideas off of?

  • Gain support from like-minded developers, designers and other creative professionals providing client services.
  • No more stale articles from 2008 giving you advice on how to run your business.
  • Actionable thoughts, strategies, tips, resources, and love workshops of what's working in today's market.
  • A private community that will teach you how to build a sustainable business so that you can live life of your own design.
  • A safe place for any designer, developer, or client services business owner to share ideas and get support.

"I paid a lot more for other groups that did not generate anywhere near the same value." - Nick Gulic @nickgulic

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⭐ What Others Say ⭐

I had a fear of silence. I can practice letting questions sit and get some air. I also learned new approaches to obtaining answers to difficult questions.

- Bret Carmichael, Founder of Leap Works

Jason is a rock star in his world. I am always excited to receive his advice and guidance.

- Deyson Ortiz, Video Creator & Entrepreneur

He's one of the few people I would take advice from, because I know that he has clients. He's not just making money off selling courses on how to make courses. He walks the walk and not talking the talk.

- John Locke, Founder and SEO

If you want to work for yourself, why not learn from someone who already figured out how to do that? I’ve found Jason to be a great resource, that is dynamic and responsive to the challenges our business face. He is always thoughtful and sincere. You can trust him. In a business like coaching, authenticity matters, and Jason has it in spades.

- Evan Gilbert, Head of Growth Strategy,

Sales Call Role-Play

Only send proposals when you know the deal is most likely won.

Get more confidence in your sales calls and learn some new approaches through practice and role-playing where I play your lead and you try and land me as your brand new client.

Book Our Session

Step 1

Book your 45-minute, one-on-one. sales call role-play session. This works best if you already have a call scheduled with a potential client and want practice.

What should I key in on for you?

Step 2

You'll get my honest feedback, but if there's something that you specifically want me to watch for or key in on during the role-play session, share that goal with me and I can push the envelope for you.

Time to land me as your new client

Step 3

I will play your ideal client for 20-30 minutes and you'll be the "host" for the call. You'll lead the call and run it just as you would any other potential sales call.

Get initial feedback

Step 4

After your role play, I will provide you with initial feedback and immediate reactions. This is a great opportunity to ask questions on flow, decisions made vs not made during the conversation, and alternate paths of conversation.

Post Call Wrap-Up

Step 5

After about 2 days, you'll get the recording, detailed notes, and insights after I've listened to the call again. Listening back to a call reveals so many bits that are not heard during the live call. Yet, these are the moments that can make or break deals.

Close more deals

Step 6

Time for you to take action from the role play and improve your sales. Each time you make an improvement in your sales calls, it makes more and more likely that you'll close more good deals and turn away bad ones.

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