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Get service & marketing advice for your freelance and consulting business.

Do you feel like your in a silo all by yourself with no one to bounce ideas off of?

Do you want better clients who respect you?

Want to get recurring revenue and niche down?

You are not alone. I get it. I was there myself.

“If you want to work for yourself, why not learn from someone who already figured out how to do that? I’ve found Jason to be a great resource, that is dynamic and responsive to the challenges our business face. He is always thoughtful and sincere. You can trust him. In a business like coaching, authenticity matters, and Jason has it in spades.”

/ Evan Gilbert, Head of Growth Strategy @ WPSuperService.com


Clients hire me to make real progress and help execute a game plan to move the business forward. They are completed tired of the chase. Not sure how to position themselves in the market. They want to get more leads, but have those leads respect the value they bring and be able to charge premium prices.

What you’ll get with each session:

  • Pre-call research where I’ll do my homework on you and your business.
  • 1-hour video calls
  • Actionable plan where you will have a specific list of actions to take
  • Follow-up, when possible, with introductions, send resources, and referring you.
  • Recording of our call

“He listens and answers my questions without a hint of pushiness, giving me the space to make my own decision.”

/ Gwen Ames, Web Access LLC


Monthly Coaching

You’ll complete an application that will help me better understand your unique business and your questions so I can tailor our sessions to be exactly what you need.

Each every other week, we’ll meet for a 1-hour video call.

During our call, we’ll go over aspects of your current business, where you want to take your business in the short and long term, and lay out a plan to execute on.

We’ll focus on building your business around specialization and niche so that you can generate recurring revenue by providing premium services to clients.

In addition, you’ll get:

  • Niche Down framework: find your ideal client, their value, and how to market to them
  • Access to Feast for the time we are working together
  • Contact me via private Slack or email when you need help (or have questions)

Investment: $550 per month

Limited Spots:
Keep in mind that I (and always will) do services work for clients, so there are only a limited number of spots available. This allows me to give you the attention you deserves.

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One-time Coaching

If you can’t commit to monthly coaching, you can book me for one-time coaching calls.

Book a one-time call

Hey, I’m Jason

I knew a long time ago that I wasn’t meant for sitting at someone else’s desk. That I wanted to be in control of my own time to be able to do the things that I want, not the things someone else wants.

I started freelancing at the advent of the web and there wasn’t many folks to learn from, resources to read, or communities to participate in. As my business grew, other freelancers began asking what I was doing, what tools were I working with, and wanting to know what they can do to reach the goals they set out for.

So I began writing posts, building a library, speaking at events, and trying to give back in anyway I can. I’ll never give up client services, but being able to help many freelancers is what drives me to be better.

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