Freelancer's Sales Kit

Struggling with your sales? Put processes in place to avoid the slowdowns. Stop being compared to other flakey freelancers!

With the Freelancer's Sales Kit You Will Get

Whether you are starting out or been in business for a few years, you realize there are parts of your sales processes that can use some work.

Plus with the ever changing market, what worked 5…3…even last year, doesn’t work today!

Let’s face it, you aren’t a salesperson, right?

  • The processes in place so leads see you as the professional
  • Have leads sitting on the fence to see you as the expert who solves their problems
  • A surefire way to get testimonials/referrals
  • A method to create an offer (not a discount) to help avoid slow periods
  • Respect from leads who see the value you bring to their business

⭐️ What Others Are Saying ⭐️

There’s so much great information and nuggets in the videos alone. I’ve watched the same videos 4 or 5 times and every time I’m getting something else out of it.

- Butch Ewing, Developer

I learned what I was missing. Created a project brief form that leads fill out before the call and now I have lots to talk about.

- Jason McCullough, Business Consultant and Digital Strategist

The 5 pieces that fill in gaps and allow you to focus on what you are great at


For less than the price of 2 months of Netflix, would you like to have a solid sales process for your freelance business?

Landing one client you’d net 100x your money back!

What's Included

Yearly Offer Creation

15-Minute Walkthrough Video

- Creation of Your Offer
- Offer Email Swipe File
- Nudge Email Swipe File

Surefire Way To Get Testimonials

10-Minute Walkthrough Video

- 3-Part Testimonial Email Swipe File

Sales "Bot" To Alert You Of Opportunities

10-Minute Walkthrough Video

- Zapier Recipe
- Google Alert Setup

Easy to Run Training Sessions

11-Minute Walkthrough Video

- Exclusive Email Invite Swipe File
- Zoom Setup

Your Lead Generation Forms

11-Minute Walkthrough Video

- 2 Lead Generation Forms for your site
- HTML + Gravity Forms versions
- Autoresponder Swipe File

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Five methods for you to stand out from the crowd and close more deals.

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