I bet you are focusing on your Facebook Page likes, or your YouTube subscribers, or your Twitter followers, or how many Pins you have, right? That’s great! Let me ask you something. Are you focused on getting more email subscribers? In the sidebar of your site do you have “Join Our Newsletter” and a place for someone to enter in their email address? If the answer is yes, remove it!

When was the last time someone actually gave you their email address through that form? If the answer isn't today, why haven't you remove it yet?

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can do is to not focus on their email list. Look at your website right now. Is something like this the only way you are getting email subscribers?

https://rezzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/widget-3.png     https://rezzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/widget-4.pnghttps://rezzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/widget-1.png

If you recognize these are yours, please reach out to me, let’s get you straightened out.

If these look somewhat familiar you are doing the disservice to your business.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead and Google “Join My Newsletter” or “Subscribe to my newsletter.” No offense to those sites, but do you want to rank high for those keywords and along side these websites?

Want more email subscribers?

Of course, we all want more email subscribers? Yet that widget converts less than 0.5% of the people who see it. Why’s that? Honestly, they aren’t even seeing it.

People are so used to that right sidebar being ads that users have been trained to not even pay attention to it. Sometimes, up to 20% of the page on your website is taken up by the sidebar, yet no one pays attention to it. So why would it make sense to have something that’s supposedly a priority for the business, on the page where no one is looking at it?

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If 10,000 visitors come to your website and your conversion rate is 0.5%, you’d have 50 brand new subscribers. You would need 2,000,000 visitors before you get to 1000 subscribers.

The first step in getting more email subscribers would be pulling down that widget.

Now that we know what we don’t want to do, let’s get to work and see how to get more email subscribers the proper way.

Asking at the right time will get you more email subscribers

For this, let’s take a look at SumoMe. It’s easy to setup, install, and most importantly converts in getting more email subscribers.

This site is running a List Builder campaign for the past 6 months. That campaign has a conversion rate of over 8%.


There’s another campaign, this time a Welcome Mat, that is converting almost 7%. Another one that is specific to one blog post that went up last month is converting over 5%.


On some of my client websites, I’ve seen these numbers double or even triple in some cases.

These numbers might not seem like a lot, but let’s do the math. 7% of the same 10,000 visitors gets 700 brand new email subscribers. That’s a whopping 1300% more than the “Join my newsletter” widget.


Full disclosure, SumoMe does have Pro features that you need to pay for. Yet, everything I’ve talked about so far and what I’m going to show you is within the free version. In fact, I haven’t used any of the Pro version features just yet, other than to tweak the design of the Welcome Mat. I use SumoMe on all my clients’ sites and only a hand full have switched to Pro for the exact same reasons.

So not only will you get more email subscribers by doing the steps below. They will be free email subscribers. Can’t beat free!

List Builder

List Builder can be used to get more email subscribers just like any other popup method out there. However where I’ve found the most success is in the power of optimizing the popup for when it’s valuable to the visitor.

1. Smart Mode

When enabled this will show the popup to the use when they are about to leave your site.



Think about your product pages, contact forms, or your checkout process. These are pages a potential customer is about to buy from you. Critical points on your site that you want to try and grab them before they are out the door.

You can tailor the popup to the situation at hand. Here are some example for you to try.

If on a product page or checkout page, you could ask for their email in exchange for a coupon.

If on a contact form, you could ask for their email in exchange to a PDF with the top 5 benefits to working with you.

The idea is to address the reason that they are at this page, but then question completing the action and leave. This subscriber is more valuable than most of your other ones. They’ve shown by signing up, that they are close to buying from you. That email subscriber could possibly have one remaining question that hasn’t been answer. Yet by being able to grab their email, you might be able to answer that question for them and get a new customer in the process.

2. Frequency

This is the time period in which to show the popup again to the same visitor if they didn’t sign up.

You don’t want to annoy your visitors. Having a popup show up every time someone comes to your site gets annoying. May even hurt you too.

By setting this value you will not annoy your visitors. Figuring out the sweet spot of time is a matter of how many returning visitors you are getting each day.

If you have lots of returning traffic every day, you may not want to be as aggressive and put some more time between popups. Returning traffic means that they like you. If they haven’t become an email subscriber yet, it’s probably just because they haven’t been present with the right offer yet. Instead of showing them the popup for an introductory offer over and over again, you can show a specific popup on their next visit. Which is explained in the next section.

If you aren’t getting a ton of traffic and most of it is new visitors, you may want to be a bit more aggressive with it.

3. Display Rules

This is a powerful feature of List Builder. SumoMe gives so many different ways to display or not display a popup.



The ones that I find work best are the “On URL Paths…” , “On Referral URLs…” and “When a Visitor’s Page Views Are…”.

The best way to convert email subscribers is giving them something they want. The “Join My Newsletter” widgets are so generic that there’s nothing of value for anyone to sign up for.

If you are selling a product, and they look at that page 3 times, why aren't they buying? Show them a popup to give them a 5% or 10% off coupon.

Here’s the setup of what that would look like:


With this approach, you most likely will get the sale. You’ll also learn that maybe your price is just a little too high. Especially if you are getting a lot of subscribers from this popup. Lastly, you’ll get a new email subscriber.

By using “On URL Paths…” you can limit which pages this popup appears on. The most common would be the homepage. However having a specific popup on your contact page can be highly effective.

You are probably thinking, but there’s a form on that page already. True. Yet with Smart Mode enabled this popup will only appear if the visitor decides to leave your site. With this method, you can at least grab their email address in exchange for a download before they leave. Giving them value right when they are on the fence of contacting you.

The highest converting page to get more email subscribers

Uber, Netflix, Spotify and others are using it and you may have not even noticed. Yet you did exactly what they wanted you to. I did too. See how well it worked, they got both of us.





They all have a full screen page for you to do one thing. That’s sign up.

Why do they do this instead of a popup? Because it converts up to 3x better than anything else!

With Welcome Mat from SumoMe you can enable any page with a Welcome Mat. Combine it with Display Rules and you can make offers specific to what the visitor is reading.

The most common use is on the homepage. However, I often suggest putting one tailored to your second most popular page of your site as well. Usually this is your About page. The reason I suggest that is because that reader wants to know more about you or your company. What’s more effective to learn about a company than by getting valuable emails?

Just like List Builder, you can use Display Rules and the Behavior of the Welcome Mat to display on specific pages, at specific times, and how often the visitor has come to your website.

Why is this important?

When I started my website many years ago, I didn’t focus at all on getting more email subscribers. I focused all my energy on other platforms to get followers, likes, and such. This was the wrong use of energy for two reasons.

Email is still by far the best method to covert a shopper into a buyer.

Secondly what happens though if those platforms change things up or go away all together? How will I get in touch with everyone? I wouldn’t.

These are why building your email list is critical to your website and your business. SumoMe is not just free, but gives you easy to use tools to get more email subscribers. The best part is that when you set up a campaign in List Builder, it's the same setup in Welcome Mat as well. You don't have to learn anything new. The terms and settings are the same. It's only the presentation that's different.

If you want to get more email subscribers, take a few minutes and follow these tips. I guarantee if you follow these tips you’ll have at least a 5% conversion rate. If not, please leave a comment below or tweet me and I’ll jump in and take a look for you.

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