You have all been leveraging Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN for as your social media networks. One network that’s been getting quite a bit of buzz around it lately has been Snapchat.

Snapchat has more than 100 million daily active users. Snapchat has 4 billion…that’s BILLION video views per day. That is the same number as Facebook.

So are you using it? I certainly am.

Before I get into why I’m using Snapchat for my freelance business, I want to mention that I had downloaded it a year ago and didn’t get it and/or see much value in it for me and my business.

However it has been receiving quite a bit of buzz lately so I decided to take a second look at it. They have a feature called Stories that I didn’t see (or wasn't available) when I first downloaded it. The feature is that can you can post a snap to your story for the day and over the course of 24 hours it would effectively stitch together your “story” or a complete day of snaps. The best part is that this Story is visible to anyone that follows you.

Stories are a game changer

This idea intrigued me to say the least. I immediately thought that this could be used as a sort of “behind the scenes” glimpse into a work day. There are many of you who read this blog as freelancers who ask me about how I run my business being so focused around custom development. This provided me with a window into allowing you to see it first hand.

[Tweet "Snapchat can provide a window into into your business like nothing else"]

Second was that it allows for multiple types of media to be displayed for up to 10 seconds at a time. Video, audio, photo, and even text. So you could fit that piece of content effectively within your Story.

Third was the ability to quickly take a video snap and add it to your story. Video can be extremely hard at times and we always feel compelled to be on our best when we know we are being recorded. However being able to stitch together clips of video with the push of a finger, then knowing it’ll expire after 24 hours, makes this a no-brainer to provide value to your audience in a way that can be effectively communicated on a personal level. Not to mention add in some personality and creativity to them.

I find that every platform has it’s own “way” about it. Periscope is fantastic for getting immediate interaction during that live session. However Snapchat, even if someone isn’t available to view your snap or Story right away, they can still do so at their leisure. Granted if it’s your Story, they’ll have 24 hours, but if it’s a snap directly to them, it’ll be there waiting for them until they see it.

Most importantly, the engagement...

Lastly, it’s the way the app effectively encourage it's users to engage each other. You cannot see who follows who. It’s like your messaging app on your phone for texting. In my opinion this makes it more personal. Those that follow you, actually want to make that connection with you. They want to know what you are sharing.

A nice piece of the puzzle here is when you post a Story, you can actually see who’s seen it and who’s taken screenshots of it. So you can interact with that person directly. However most importantly to me is when someone’s viewing a snap and they snap my back, Snapchat will attach the specific portion of the story in context with what the person is saying. This is amazing! It allows me to engage with someone with the exact piece of content in the right context.

Follow Me

If you are on Snapchat, you can Add me by searching for jasonresnick by Username.

Or use your phone and take a screenshot of the snapcode above and Open Snapchat and Add Friend by Snapcode. It'll automatically scan it in.

I'd love to interact with you on there. If you want to ask me any questions at all, that's the place to do it.

Ways in which I plan on using Snapchat for my freelance business

The biggest thing I plan on using it for is a behind the scenes look into my everyday. For some that have asked, this will be the perfect opportunity to see how I’ve taken my freelance business being largely contract based and turned it into a productize service.

I’ll also be providing tips and tricks around the processes that I have put in place for my business. These are processes that I’ve spoken about at WCNYC as well as on the podcast to optimize my business and not have that feast or famine that most freelancers encounter.

I’ll highlight some tools that I use and hopefully give some tutorials on how I use them.

You’ll see a bit of a creative and goofy side of me as well.

However I hope to interact with as many freelance designers, developers, marketers, or writers as possible who are using Snapchat. So if you are a contractor or freelancer please connect with me on Snapchat, my username is jasonresnick. Then send me a snap saying “hey!”

Ways in which I can see Snapchat being used for WordPress or any freelancer

The lowest hanging fruit is for tutorials on using WordPress, whether that’s for specific one on one coaching, or as a constant flow of How-Tos for everyone to see.

Snapchat could be used by designers to show the progress of a project to their clients.

Snapchat could be used to developers to show a cool code snippet they wrote, or a new tool that they just found.

Snapchat could be used by agencies to share behind the scenes look into brainstorming sessions, sharing a bit of expertise, fun hallway banter.

Snapchat could also be used for meetups and conferences for so many things like reports, interviews, sharing slides, hallway conversations, even some promotional and exclusive items specific to those events.

In Conclusion

I think it’s safe to say that we could be looking at another platform alongside Twitter and Facebook for our businesses. Twitter and Facebook were both looked upon in the early stages as fads. Yes Snapchat has a young user base. However that user base is for the most part 35 year old and younger. That’s extremely beneficial to us in the WordPress or web industry. We can connect in a way on Snapchat unlike that in which we’ve been able to before.

More and more businesses need to reach that user base as well. For your business to be successful, you need to speak the language of your customers and be where your customers are. If you target demographic is anyone 35 and younger, I hope you are on Snapchat.

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