January Commit #1Commit

This past year was an amazing year both professionally and personally.  I met many amazing people along the way through the podcast, attending conferences, being involved in smaller groups and masterminds.  During which I saw many ways in which people would inspire others.  During the WP Dev Table with Patrick Rauland I learned about how a bunch from WooThemes were running this month long challenge of writing a blog post each and every day of the month in December.  I reached out to a few of them on Twitter asking if I could be included in the next one.  It morphed into something I didn’t expect.

Before I jump into what we all are doing, I found something about myself this past year I’d like to share.  In working remotely you can easily become complacent.  You set goals, read up on things you’d like to try, you even think of things to create that no one has tried yet.  However with no one to voice these ideas and thoughts to, you really only have yourself to be accountable.

As a developer, I find it hard to write posts on a regular basis.  Even though I’ve even been successful at times, I fall off when I get busy with client projects and head down into the coding zone.  I can see when I write and I’m sharing parts of my everyday that it help others.  So I know that my objective of sharing is working.

How can I be sure to stay on top of sharing?

Being accountable – I’ve found that when I voice some goal of mine to a group of people, I don’t want to let them down by not accomplishing it.  In comes what Patrick and others were doing.  By reaching out to them asking if I could be included in the challenge, I felt that would allow me to be accountable for doing what I set out to do in the first place – SHARE!

Writing each and everyday was definitely going to be a challenge considering I think since I started writing a blog I only managed to string together 6 straight days of writing.  Needless to say, once I posted that tweet, anxiety fell upon me.

The January Commit (#1Commit)

After chatting with a bunch of people, Bryce Adams introduced the challenge of “The January Commit”.  A 31 day challenge demanding each participant makes at least 1 commit on GitHub daily throughout January.

I jumped on board immediately.  Not only was it something I could sink my teeth into as a challenge but it was something that wasn’t as demanding as writing every day since I’m writing code daily anyway.  I saw this as an opportunity for me to contribute to other open source repositories as well.

So after the initial 10 of us jumped on board, seems that there are many others committed to the January Commit.  I can’t wait to see not only how many of us complete the challenge, but the numbers behind those that complete it.

What an awesome way for any developer to kick off 2015!

/ Jason Resnick

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