Today’s co-host is Gina Horkey. Gina specializes in helping people learn hard digital marketing skills to launch their own online service-based businesses.

Gina’s background includes professional writing, online business consulting, and a decade of experience in the financial services industry.

After leaving the corporate world in 2014, Gina started by offering her services online. She eventually pivoted to teaching people what she was learning and all of the things that were working well for her.

Throughout our conversation, Gina talks about how to adjust to the new world of shutdowns and moving online, how to pivot if you’ve lost some of your income due to budget cuts, and lesser-known tactics of using other social media platforms to bolster your online presence.

In this episode, we dive into how the freelancer economy has been changing in recent years and what has changed as a result of the pandemic. We also touch on how to adjust if you’ve lost some income during this time.

[Tweet "'When you're getting started with offering services online you should take a skills inventory of what you know how to do right now. That kind of gets your mind revved up to learn new things.' @Gina_Horkey"]

Main Takeaways

  • Offering services online has become more critical than ever, even for non-digital services. Those that don’t adapt to new ways of doing business will be left behind.
  • You may have to get back out there and do marketing for yourself again. Don’t be afraid to take smaller projects even if it’s not what you’re used to.
  • Focus on increasing your revenue incrementally instead of in large chunks (E.g. $500 more a month instead of $3,000).
  • Facebook groups are great places to look for work because they’re tailored by industry and/or niche.
  • There’s plenty of room in the podcast space and an audience for what you want to talk about. It’s a great way to increase your online presence and find new customers.

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