With Season 3 all wrapped up, I want to this opportunity to thank, Justin, Curtis, Philip, Paul, Carrie, Vincent, Matt, Val, Bridget, Ryan, Avani, and Tom for sharing their experiences, their defining moments, and journeys through their lives.

I truly appreciate you, your time and respect each and every one of you very dearly.

As I listened back on Season 3, listening to the stories and all the defining moments, every single person has their own story to tell and is very unique. But there are some overarching themes that I didn’t see coming when I started this season.

One thing I didn’t see coming was that when I asked what the defining moment in life so far was, regardless if it was getting married, having a child, starting their own business, or a pivot point in their business after the 30-45 minutes of conversation, where they are today and headed towards in the future all circles back to that one moment in time.

Makes sense right? Their defining moment has become their compass, their guiding light, their mission.

I would encourage you to ask yourself “What is your defining moment in life so far?”

For this episode, I want to bring to you some interesting quotes and conversation points from this season about building relationships.

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In this episode:

  • Create long-standing relationships and get a bit uncomfortable.
  • Work-of-mouth is your biggest marketing strategy.
  • The human factor - "The Cheers Factor" adds a personal touch to your business.
  • The real power of relationships happens when you niche down

Main Takeaways

  • Your business will be built upon those relationships you build.
  • Growth happens in the mundane tasks.
  • Go grab your social feed of choice and engage in a conversation each and every day.

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