Today’s co-host is Joe Casabona, podcaster, web developer, and course creator. Joe helps creators launch their own podcasts while also hosting and producing the product development podcast How I Built It.

Joe began as a web developer specializing in WordPress, but he felt it necessary to transition his audience from DIYers to those looking for full service. With encouragement from peers and mentors, Joe found his niche in the podcasting space.

To grow his new audience, Joe offered free consultations. While free sessions may not be lucrative off the bat, Joe gained invaluable information about common creator struggles. He used that information to improve his educational content and market his courses in a way that spoke to creator concerns.

In this episode, Joe talks about everything podcast-related, from picking a topic to getting rid of nerves, to sustaining your show long-term.

“We’re still at the beginning of podcasting. So if you’re worried that, ‘oh, nobody wants to listen to me talk about this’ you're wrong. Just figure out why you want to start a podcast, what’s going to drive you, and record those first few episodes.” ~ @jcasabona

Main Takeaways

  • Simply presenting a digestible solution to someone’s problem is enough to build an audience, especially if you’ve done your market research and can anticipate your audience's main questions and concerns.
  • When it comes to podcasting, practice makes perfect. You don’t need perfect sound and perfect video to succeed.
  • When choosing a topic, think about why you want to start a podcast. Is it to help people? To establish yourself in a field? To explore a topic? Figuring out your why will help you stay the course.
  • You can always repurpose the content you have on other mediums if you’re running low on episode ideas. Keep a notebook and write down ideas whenever they come to mind.
  • Oftentimes the most popular episodes aren’t the episodes with big-name guests. Your audience will respond more to people who feel relatable to them.
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