Today’s co-host is Chase Dimond, an expert e-commerce email marketer who’s sent more than one billion emails resulting in more than $50 million in email attributable revenue.

As a hustle culture entrepreneur turned efficiency-obsessed first-time dad, Chase chats about his philosophies for success in business and life. One of his earliest success memories is standing out as an all-around soccer player throughout high school and college. Back then, his value came from his versatility. But when he started a marketing agency early in his career, Chase hit a wall. It was only when he decided to specialize in email marketing that the referrals poured in and his business finally grew.

In this episode, Chase talks about how and why he successfully transitioned from jack-of-all-trades to email master, the pivots in business and life that shaped him, and the powerful mindset shift that reinforces his daily decisions.

“By not choosing something and by picking everything, I did nothing. So as soon as I started telling people, ‘Hey, I’m gonna try this email marketing thing, that’s the thing I love, that’s the thing I’m good at’, they were like, ‘Oh, you do email marketing. All those emails I get in my inbox, I get it.’ It started feeling really really tangible. And when people understood what I did, that allowed them to help me. They were able to send me clients, they were able to give me advice, they were able to connect me with people in the industry.” ~ @ecomchasedimond

Main Takeaways

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