S05 E03 – How to Overcome Your Fears and Become an Audio Influencer with Mark Asquith

Live In The Feast - Mark Asquith

Today’s guest is Mark Asquith. Mark is the co-founder of Rebel Base Media, which creates technology and solutions that help podcasters to find, amplify, and build influence around their unique voice.

Mark has worked a variety of jobs over the years. Self-described as “wandering through life,” he ended up finding his way to podcasting. He eventually founded Podcast Websites, which eventually expanded into Rebel Base Media and several sub-brands.

Though he generally sees himself as a tech founder that just happens to create solutions for podcasters, Mark truly loves connecting like-minded people. In the beginning, he was hesitant to share everything he knew on his podcast. But he realized that having an open-source community with a shared knowledge-base was really where he wanted to be professionally.

Today, Mark helps podcasters become true audio influencers through coaching, marketing strategies, and helping them refine their brand. He focuses on connecting people and using trust and loyalty to help his clients consistently grow a fan-base and monetize their podcasts.

The goal is to turn people into audio influencers with the distinction being that, even if you've got a small audience, you still have potential.Click To Tweet

In this episode Mark talks about:

  • How being an audio influencer can help position you as an expert
  • How you can leverage every episode as a lead magnet
  • How to get over your fears and launch your show

Main Takeaways

  • Becoming an audio influencer puts you in a position to take full monetary advantage of your audience. Even if you’re small, your engaged audience will spread the word and attract buyers to you.
  • Getting your listeners to channel transfer (engage with non-podcast content) is critical for becoming an audio influencer and building a community around your podcast.
  • Get over yourself. No one cares how you sound, no one cares if your podcast isn’t perfect. The most important step in building a podcast that people want to listen to is starting it.

Important Mentions in this Episode