Marketing yourself as a freelancer is critical to the success and sustainability of your business.

Marketing IS your sales. 70% of the buying decision someone makes is made before the first contact with you.

As a freelancer you tend focus on the client work because that pays the bills, right?

This season on Live In The Feast, we'll chat with folks who are expert marketers like Chris Marr, Chris Ducker, Lee Jackson, Ruben Gamez, Brennan Dunn and others.

They all have seen how important marketing is for their business and they've all been successful freelancers at some point in time, if not still doing it.

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Many things that worked 5 years ago, even last year, won't work in today's market. So stay tuned to this season and learn some of the best marketing tactics and strategies for your freelance business.

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Jason Resnick: Welcome to Live in the Feast. I’m Jason Resnick, and for the past decade, I’ve been helping businesses translate their goals into online success as a freelance web developer. In order for me to accomplish my why as a freelance, I needed to live in the feast. Now, I’m turning the tables around so you, as the freelancer, can do the same and build a sustainable business to achieve success, so that [00:00:30] you can ultimately live the kind of life you want.
Welcome to season two of Live in the Feast. This season will be all about marketing yourself as a freelancer, and doing it in today’s market, the things that work today, not five, 10, 15 years ago. If you’re like me, a lot of times, you get stuck doing [00:01:00] the client work, and you don’t come up for air for weeks, maybe even months at a time, to take a look at how your business is doing, in the face of potential customers.
This is so important for the health of your business. Yes, I’m an introvert. You’re probably an introvert. But yet there are times in which we need to be the face of a brand. We didn’t start our own businesses so that we can work more and have 10, [00:01:30] 15, 20 bosses, right? So we need to be able to educate potential customers on the importance of what we do and the problems that we solve, so that those customers can make educated buying decisions and become the best kind of customers for our business.
Marketing is all about consistency. Whether that’s blog writing, social media posts, podcasting, live video. [00:02:00] Whatever it is, you need to be consistent with it, and that shows professionalism, and elevates you much higher than all of the other folks that you could potentially be compared to. So if you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, you need to be seen to sell. I love that phrase, and in one of the episodes, Chris Ducker will expand upon that.
This season will be all about [00:02:30] those marketing tactics, the mindset that you need. I will bring on other folks who do marketing very well, much better than I do, and be able to tell you what works today, not five years ago. Because, we live in a digital world now, and marketing is the fastest-paced part of your business that you need to be on top of. So without further ado, it’s your time to live in the feast.

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