Today's guest is Matt Medeiros. Matt is the very definition of a "serial maker". He's founded so many different businesses and projects over the years, it's hard to list them all. He started a digital WordPress agency, Slocum Studio, nearly a decade ago. He's also the host of several podcasts, including Matt Report, and creator of various WordPress plugins. The easiest way to find out everything Matt's involved in is his personal website Crafted by Matt.

Currently an account executive at Pagely, Matt has been involved in a number of different ventures over the 15 to 20 years he's been in the digital space.

Growing up in his family's car sales business, he found himself drawn to the relational side of the business. That, combined with a passion for technology, led him to launching a local digital agency and mentoring business owners in his town.

In fact, one of Matt's podcasts, We Are Here, is specifically focused on local businesses in the South Coast area of Massachusetts. Keeping his finger on the pulse of his local community has allowed him to develop more meaningful connections, foster opportunities for his agency, and find niches that weren't obvious from the outside.

As it always does, becoming a parent has influenced his trajectory. After his first child was born and with a second on the way, Matt decided to take on a full-time job with Pagely. The constant ebb and flow of running a business can be stressful even when you're only responsible for yourself, let alone an entire family. The job at Pagely allowed Matt to create some financial stability, while still doing work he loves. And, he's been able to balance full-time employment without giving up his side projects and other businesses.

Whether it's creating content at Pagely, or working on new podcasts and products, Matt is always making something. And that drive to create has only been helped by finding the right niches to focus on.

[click_to_tweet tweet="If you just start showing up, you don't have to have all the answers. You don't have to be the best. You just have to show up." quote="If you just start showing up, you don't have to have all the answers. You don't have to be the best. You just have to show up." theme="style3"]

In this episode Matt talks about:

  • Niching down your business based on location
  • The long road to finding work you love and the people you love to work with
  • Giving back to his community and creating something lasting for his family
  • Balancing his freelance and consulting work with a full-time job

Main Takeaways

  • When you make the decision to become a freelancer or a consultant, even if it's just a side gig, you have to be consistent and keep showing up, keep doing the work.
  • Don't compare yourself or your business to others. You don't always have to have the most flashy product or service to be successful.
  • Get out and interact with others. Sitting behind a computer all day can start to weigh on you and hold you back from building meaningful relationships.

Important Mentions in this Episode

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