Today's guest is Matt Johnson. Matt is the founder of Pursuing Results, a zero-hassle podcast system to break into new markets, build strategic relationships, and create authority.

Matt started out in the real estate space and found a great deal of success owning and dominating a specific niche market through podcasting. As a result, he built an agency to help other businesses own and dominate their niche through similar methods.

His agency started as a loose group of freelancers. But, eventually, he realized he needed to formalize his agency and identify his ideal customer. Being able to niche down was an important part of gaining traction and focusing his business.

The defining moment in Matt's journey so far was choosing to move to San Diego for a job opportunity. He directly credits that move with everything he was able to do afterward with his own business.

Today, Matt is working on transitioning to the next phase of his business by capping the agency work and only taking on a certain number of one-and-done clients. To do this, he's focusing on building courses and other scalable services.

In this episode, we dive into what business owners without a podcast struggle with most when they start to think about doing one.

[Tweet "'The rapport that you build from having the kind of in-depth, one-on-one conversations you have on a podcast is deeper than a relationship you would have from meeting in-person at an event where you talk to someone for five minutes.'"]

In this episode Matt talked about:

  • The ROI of podcasting and how you can capitalize on it.
  • The biggest benefit to being a guest on a podcast for your business and the biggest reason why most businesses don't do it.
  • How Matt's personality has allowed him to shape the direction of his career.

Main Takeaways

  • Fear and mental roadblocks are generally the number one thing keeping people from starting a podcast.
  • Having guests on or being a guest on another podcast is critical to building deep relationships and earning referrals that move your business forward.
  • Podcasting is working whether you think it is or not. It's out there, people are listening and it is doing it's job even if you might not understand it completely.
  • Never chase the numbers. Just because your podcast is "big" doesn't mean that you are not maximizing your marketing or connecting with your audience. Dominate your niche instead and become an authority.

Important Mentions in this Episode

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