Today's guest is Adam Pierno. Adam is a speaker, author, and marketing strategist who has built a career out of helping people simplify their approach to marketing. He's most passionate about connecting people to help them accomplish their goals.

Born out of an interest in how people think and make decisions, Adam spends a lot of time thinking about consumer culture and human behavior from both personal and commercial perspectives.

Adam began his career as an art director, and the process of writing creative briefs immediately piqued his interest in how people think. He enjoyed writing the creative briefs and getting to the primary insights of how to truly make a connection. From there, he began reading psychology books and papers, and observing what makes people tick and motivates them.

Adam spends a considerable amount of time trying to help people understand the topics he's covered in his books. You can find Adam at various speaking engagements throughout the year and listen to his podcast, The Strategy Inside Everything.

[Tweet "'The fear of leaving money on the table is real, but saying no comes with the confidence of knowing that you've built a business and you're doing things right. You're good enough at what you're doing to pass on it because something else will come through the door.' @apierno"]

In this episode Adam talked about:

  • Why it's important to think about human behavior and how it can drive your business forward.
  • Building and understanding customer personas.
  • Saying "no" with confidence.

Main Takeaways

  • At a basic level, marketing is figuring out the habit of the person that you're trying to reach and what drives them as it relates to your brand or product.
  • Build customer personas early on. Write out what your customer looks like and what makes them different. Put a lot of thought into this exercise.
  • Send out surveys to better understand your customer's pain points and who they are. It can lead to some pretty big results. But even without drastic changes, that kind of feedback is invaluable.

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