In this episode, we're going to do something a little different. Instead of talking to a guest, I want to answer some questions about podcasting and marketing, and share how it's helped me grow my business.

After publishing 358 episodes across three different shows, as well as appearing as a guest on close to a hundred of other podcasts, I've collected a few skills, tips, and reminders that are helpful if you're thinking about creating your own podcast.

Podcasting has helped me not only position and grow my business, but build important relationships with other people. I think podcasting is one of the best marketing tools we have as freelancers and small business owners, and my hope is that you'll realize how powerful it can be for your business as well.

Here are some of the things we'll cover:

  • How I got started learning about the full potential of podcasting.
  • How podcasting can be an incredible way to market your business and gather leads.
  • How to build relationships and networks from podcast guests that are mutually beneficial.

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Main Takeaways

  • Marketing is an often underutilized benefit of podcasting. As you continue podcasting, you'll start generating new leads organically. Because of this, it's important to be intentional about your subject matter and plan accordingly.
  • Podcasting is a great way to connect to and build high-quality relationships with people. The more people you meet through podcasting, the bigger your referral network becomes. This creates mutually beneficial relationships with other business owners.
  • If you own a business, podcasting is the perfect tool to promote growth. Even if it's a loosely scheduled show, it can be highly beneficial in growing your business.

Important Mentions in this Episode

Podcast Resources

  • is the host of this show. (Takes care of all the publishing to platforms and gives me amazing insights via analytics)
  • Podcast Royale produces this show. (If you like the sound of the show, this is who handles that)
  • You don't need fancy gear, just press record to start. But if you are looking for what I use, I have a Rode Podcaster

Jason Resnick 0:13
Welcome to episode nine of season seven of live in the feast. I’m Jason aka rez helping you grow your business by having a conversation with someone who’s been there had success and built a business designed around the life that they want to live. That’s live in the feast. If this is your first time listening, hit that subscribe button so that you get notified every time a new episode drops. Live in the feast is in your podcast app of choice. And if it’s not, let me know and I’ll get it there. If you’ve heard the show, leave us a review on iTunes or drop us a comment in breaker or cast box. Today’s co host is Oh yeah, that’s right. This one’s gonna be a little different today being a positive Esther and yes, that’s what I would consider myself after 358 and counting episodes across three shows that I was a host on, as well as over 100 appearances as a guest. I’ve been asked on many occasion, why podcasting? What made me decide that that was the way that I would market myself that I transition into it. The best one that I actually hear is it must be so easy to do podcasting as an extrovert. Well, Have we met? If you were like me, when I started my own business in 2010, my skills in marketing was in its infancy, and I had no plan. And anything I did was merely like throwing spaghetti at the wall just to see what stuck. In this episode I’m going to share with you why I started podcasting in the first place, how it helped position me in the market and why I think It’s the best marketing tool, we have to build our businesses to help our ideal client ever.

Like I shared in the intro, when I started my business, my marketing skills were nothing. I mean, let’s be honest, I’m still learning each and every day, how to not just be a better marketer, but be the best one to serve the people I can help the most. As my business evolved, and as I specialized the business in 2012, for the very first time, I specialized in WordPress, specifically WooCommerce and I teamed up with another developer and created a podcast called WP dev table. Yes, you can go back and check it out and listen, but we stopped that episode 19 See, the podcast was great. But we he lived in Australia, I lived in New York and Well, time zones, everything. Blue logistics were complicated, right? But the thing was is we wanted to start a show. Bronson quick. The other host was also a developer. We both had our own businesses. He had an agency, I had a solo business. And we thought that by starting up a show we can learn from each other, and have it be sort of a mastermind. We’d also invite other folks onto the show and ask them about how they run their businesses, what tools do they use, and thought that if we had these questions, well, then maybe the audience would have them as well. We weren’t wrong. We both encountered quote unquote fans of the show in real life. I still remember the first time it happened to me. It was actually outside of the bathroom at wordcamp, New York City back in 2014. very humbled and very honored. But also I was very taken aback if you will, right. Because, you know, I’m not someone who is an extrovert and I wasn’t used to the whole Hey, are you Jason from WP dev table? I love the show. I wasn’t used to that. But we both saw an uptick in leads to our business. I started to get leads and clients from recommendations of guests that we had on the show. After the first couple of these recommendations or referrals, as most of us call it, I realized that Well, this was a powerful tool in my marketing. That’s when I started to become a bit more intentional about everything I did. I started to only talk about WordPress and WooCommerce. See, up until that point in time, I was a Ruby on Rails developer. I was a PHP developer. I was a Java developer, obviously, a stack a mixed bag, if you will, right. So that’s what I spoke about. On the show, well, I didn’t bring those stories to the table. I only specifically talked about what I was trying to do in my business. I talked about the results I was getting for clients. And I even mentioned several times on the show, when I had some availability since we were a live show. And there were people listening to it live. Now, I wasn’t just shouting that I was, Hey, you know, I’m available for work from the hilltops. It was certainly within the context and the conversation of the show. But being able to work on my messaging, and my positioning on air and in public had a huge impact on the types of clients that I would get from the show. In fact, seeing the reactions, and hearing the questions from everyone else on the show gave me real time results, both positive and negative around what I was saying. See, our show was a Google hangout and you know, this is back in 20 1415. And we would just load up Google Hangouts and look at each other and have a conversation. There was no zoom at the time, there was no you know, mixers or anything of that nature. It was just really raw. And that was more impactful in my business, because, well, it just was what it was. And I would get those reactions, those knee jerk reactions. It was super valuable because I was able to see if what I was saying was confusing, or created that aha moment. It was practice before, I would actually say these things to clients or leads on a real call. Getting that real time feedback was what I needed to help me avoid the silence and glossy eyes from across the table. And most importantly, if I was speaking the language of the other person, had I wrote 19 blog posts instead of doing 19 podcast episodes. I know that there’s no way that I would You’ve got that sort of positioning and messaging, correct.

podcasting isn’t for you, I get it. It’s not for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get real time feedback on your messaging, and most importantly, your positioning so that you could gain more confidence and close more deals that I’ve heard so many developers and designers struggle not being able to close as many deals off of the back of sales calls and sending out proposals. I’ve been there myself, but you can get better at sales simply by practicing anybody who’s good at anything, practices and practices, but practicing with your spouse or practicing with a friend. Is that really good? I don’t know. Sometimes it can be sometimes It can’t be. But that’s why I’ve designed and developed the sales call role play When I have a 30 minute sales call, my win rate is north of 85%. And that’s only come through practice and process. The sales call roleplay is really simple. If you feel that you are wasting time writing up proposals and getting on calls that eventually just become pick your brain sessions, head over to ResDAC comm slash sales call and sign up. If you use the code podcast at checkout, you’ll get your session for just $100. Karen use this as practice for real call she was going to have the week after we had our session. She closed that deal, and she told me for more money than she would have asked in the first place. It’s simple you book a 45 minute session with me and for about 20 to 30 minutes. I’m your lead coming at you with a project that I need done. After we role play. I will provide you with some of my knee jerk and initial reaction From the call. And then after we end this session, I’m actually going to go back and listen to the recording. You’ll get this recording as well. But I’m going to take a deeper dive if there’s one thing that I’ve found super powerful is to learn from listening back on my sales calls. After about two days, you’re going to get delivered straight to your inbox, the recording the initial and deeper dive notes, as well as any links and resources and suggestions to help you improve your sales calls. I’m going to also share with you what I think is awesome about your delivery. Like I said, if you want to gain confidence, practice a new technique. Maybe even learn a new approach to your sales, head on over to slash sales call and use the code podcast at checkout and your session is $50 off for only $100 since the guests We’re also technical. And already in the space, I was sort of trying to plant my flag in,

I realized the power of the relationships that were built from meeting them on the show. It’s where I met amazing folks that I still talk with today, like Brent Shepard, Matt maderas, Tom McFarlane, Mike Kelly, Josh Pollock, Zack Gordon. And of course, my two co hosts, Tom and Bronson, there became this bit of a referral network that became of it right as they would get leads into their businesses that were a great fit for me, or vice versa. We would actually send referrals between each other, we became better businesses. And we became better businesses because leads from those relationships were of a higher quality and we became connectors and solution providers to people that were entering into our businesses. would get numerous leads calling me the WooCommerce guy, right? I mean, the WooCommerce guy, are you serious? I mean, you can’t buy marketing like that, right? See in the green room before and after the recordings of each of the shows, we’d have conversations about the types of projects we enjoyed working on, as well as the types of clients to hearing their experiences both good and bad. And the reasons why they worked with certain types of people help me decide on my own types of clients and get insights into things that I hadn’t yet experienced. See, in those moments, I was actually crafting my ideal client, right. And so in hearing the types of great and not so great clients that the guests as well as the other co hosts who are having Well, I was able to then go ahead and build my own book. I get it. Creating a podcast is a lot of work and it’s not very Everyone, but so is building and running a sustainable business, as Tom Hanks said in one of my favorite movies A League of Their Own, if it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great. In my opinion, podcasting is the most powerful marketing tool we have for our businesses. today. podcasting has accelerated a few marketing aspects for me, that would have never happened otherwise, it built a network of peers and friends, the loud positioning of what my business was, and it also helped shape my ideal client. No matter what anyone says. 19 blog posts 19 tweets 19 shares on Facebook 19 articles on LinkedIn 19 stories on Instagram 19, whatever they want to call it on tik tok would have done with those 19 episodes have done for my business and creating the ideal client for me. My friend Troy Dean once told me, and I think he learned it from a friend of his was to become an expert in any space, you need to have the top experts in that space. Talk about you. Is there any other better way to do that than invite experts onto your podcast? And then have them share it? Once it’s published? I think not. am I suggesting you go out and start a podcast? Absolutely. But if not, I hope that this somewhat helped you to be inspired to be intentional about the things you are doing and the opportunities there are in order to grow your business. 19 episodes of an irregularly scheduled loosely defined roundtable discussion with other WordPress folks was the marketing foundation that allows me to be saying this to you today. It’s also allowed me to see the power of the core pillars that drives leads into my business every single day. So do you start a podcast? My vote is yes. And when you start it up, and you need a guest for episode five of your show, leave me a comment in iTunes and I’d be happy to join you. If you already have a show and would like a guest. Well do the same. Leave me a comment in iTunes breaker or cast box. And let’s do it. I’m always up for a great conversation. If you enjoyed today’s episode, I know I can speak for myself by saying that I would love to hear the one takeaway that you got from this episode. See, this episode was actually started as an email to my list. If you love to hop onto that. That would be awesome. If you’re not already there, you can just go to slash

first and I got such a positive experience from the replies the feedback and everything from that email. So I would love to hear what your one takeaway from this episode is. It’s super simple. In the podcast app of your choice, presumably it’s this one you’re listening to right now. Drop in a comment or review, or go ahead and share it in a tweet and tag me at rez. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button as well so that you be the first to listen in next week. When will we be back with Michelle Ronson? Shell is a UX UI researcher. She’s super passionate about what she does, and she comes to this episode, bringing so much knowledge, so much insight in how to best ask questions. Until then, it’s your time to live in the feast.

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