Today’s co-host is Kim Doyal. Kim, formerly known as the WordPress Chick, is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, podcaster, and content strategist. She is the co-founder of The Content Creator’s Planner and has built her lifestyle business using WordPress and podcasting.

After spending much of her early career in retail, Kim started her first online business in 2008. Her initial idea was to sell ebooks. However, she quickly fell in love with WordPress and started building websites.

In 2013 she launched her podcast, which acted as a coaching platform as well as a way to share her expertise with WordPress. Over time, her business has evolved, and today her Content Creator’s Planner is at the core of what she does.

In this episode, we talk about getting clarity around what you want to do, what lights you up, and how to start doing that work. We also dive into some of the challenges Kim has faced while growing her business through ads, content, and many different projects.

[Tweet "'Everything that I've done that comes from a place of joy (rather than attaching a specific outcome to it) makes me the most money and feels like the least amount of work.' @kimdoyal"]

Main Takeaways

  • Showing up and putting in the work will always be the most important thing you can do to facilitate growth. Nothing falls from the sky — you have to work for it and work hard.
  • A lot of people have ideas for products, but few understand how to clearly communicate the intangible work. Showcase the problem, the solution, and the results.
  • It’s better to provide your existing customers with better content and more meaningful information, rather than chasing numbers in advertising.

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