S01 E10 – Gina Horkey – Always be marketing to be successful in freelancing


Gina started as a freelance writer and didn’t really even know that was a thing before she did a Google search one day while feeling unfulfilled in her career in personal finance. It’s amazing where this journey has taken her since then.

Gina shares why “always be marketing” is a mantra in her business in order to get clients in her business.

“Always be marketing. Always be on the lookout; build those relationships. Be genuinely helpful to them so they remember you.”Click To Tweet

What you’ll learn in the show:

  • Step by Step pitch process
  • Math for how much prospecting you need to do
  • What to focus on during prospecting
  • Managing clients through batching
  • Making your clients be awesome by using your service

This show was amazing and jammed packed with awesome-ness. However, regardless of where you are in your business, if you want to ensure sustainability you need to know your “batting average.”


Figure out how much you need per month for you to live your life. Then work backwards
Figure out how much per month per client and/or project brings in.
Then figure out how many of those clients you need per month.
Then figure out how many pitches you need to make in order to bring in those clients.

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