Today’s co-host is Alex Panagis. Alex is the founder of Scale Math, an SEO marketing agency with a bit of a twist: they are half agency and half marketing training/community.

At just 19, Alex is well ahead of a lot of us in figuring out what he wants out of life. In this episode, we dive into when SEO should be a focus and when you should focus elsewhere. We also talk about why picking a fight and the skyscraper strategies fail for most service-based businesses.

Alex also talks about what to do when starting out with SEO and content marketing strategies, and what to do after you start getting some significant traffic. Alex also talks about how he knew that he wanted an autonomous career, what clients are looking for when they come to a marketing service, and his strategy for validating content marketing and articles.

People don't work with the best in the business necessarily. They care about you, your story, and what you bring to the table and how much you actually care about their business. @alexpanagis

Main Takeaways

  • Content marketing isn’t the best path forward for small companies just starting out. There are better ways to scale up, such as SEO or Facebook ads. Once you have market fit, then you can turn to content marketing.
  • Clients don’t necessarily care about your stats, but how much you bring to the table and how much you care about their business, especially when they grow to a large scale.
  • Don’t start your content marketing by heading to Google and figuring out search terms. Write what you know and put yourself in the shoes of the person you’re writing it for.
  • When you get to the point where you have the resources, focus on being the best in your space. Improve your website, improve your content, and become an authority.

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