Today's guest is Josh Garofalo. Josh is a SaaS copywriter and the founder of Sway Copy. If you search Google for "SaaS copywriter", Josh will show up at the top of the list because he's built a reputation as being the best. He's worked with companies such as Hubspot, HotJar, and AWeber to get them more leads and sales.

Josh focuses on customer research, positioning. and copywriting. For developers and designers and consultants like you and me, he's a fierce supporter of choosing a niche and owning it.

He first got into his niche somewhat by accident when he was working at a startup in 2015. He was doing everything related to marketing and didn't even realize that copywriting was a specific task from which he could make a living.

Once he stumbled upon the Copy Hackers website, he realized he could focus on one this one piece of the marketing puzzle, and turn it into a career. He started his website on the side and never looked back.

Today, Josh and I talk about how he's flipped marketing on its head, and has zero strategy other than focusing in on his ideal client when they are about to buy.

[Tweet "'Choosing a niche is not a death sentence. It's not something you have to do forever and the benefit is that as soon as you establish yourself as an expert in one space, it's very easy to start moving into adjacent spaces.' @swaycopy"]

In this episode Josh talked about:

  • How he turned basic networking events and simple conversation into profitable clients.
  • Why you don't need to "overthink" and complicate your SEO game.
  • How to niche down, flip your marketing strategy, and be confident in your positioning and process.

Main Takeaways

  • People don't pay a premium for generalists. Once you become a specialist, people will gladly pay you a higher price because you have the knowledge they want.
  • Start by becoming an expert before you do a lot of marketing. This way you have inherent trust built with your potential clients and they won't waste time questioning your authority on the subject.
  • When you become an authority, the people that come to you are already sold on your service. All you need to do is ask questions, research their product, and consult like you're already part of the team.

Important Mentions in this Episode

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