Today's guest is James Rose, or Jimmy as his friends call him. He operates Content Snare, which helps digital and creative agencies save time, increase profitability, and provide an awesome experience to their clients by streamlining the content collection process.

Previously, James ran a software and web development company where he quickly figured out the key to success was always having a good process in place for whatever his team was working on.

James started hearing from other agencies that one of their biggest bottlenecks was collecting content from their clients. It seemed like a problem he could fix, and Content Snare was born.

With the mantra of simplification through processes, James has refined his business processes, over time, to help streamline operations and build new relationships. He spends a lot of time experimenting with customer acquisition models and new partnerships.

"I don't think we need any more information. It's about applying what you've learned." @_jimmyrose

In this episode James talked about:

  • Understanding your client without any preconceived notions about what their problem is.
  • Why he doesn't use "goals", in the traditional sense, and how he operates his business instead.
  • The value of implementation over consumption and analysis.

Main Takeaways

  • You never know who will be using your product or for what purpose, so be receptive toward people who are using your product in different ways and try to build off the niches in which they operate.
  • Sales goals are great if you have predictable channels, but if you don't, work toward enhancing your existing partnerships and searching out new relationships.
  • If you've done your due diligence and think there's a path that will help grow your business, then go for it. Stop reading about the same topics over and over again, and make a move to apply your knowledge.

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