Today’s co-host is Eric Siu, CEO of Clickflow and digital advertising agency Single Grain. Eric’s recent book, Leveling Up: How to Master the Game of Life, is all about stacking your “power-ups” to achieve something greater.

Eric learned many life lessons from poker – how to guard your emotions when the waves get rocky, understanding where to pick your bets, and never playing beyond your means.

After years of developing a good eye and a clear mind, Eric was leading marketing at a startup when, pressed with a make-or-break moment, he made the right bet and led his company straight to success. Now Eric runs two businesses and uses the power of focus and habitual growth to continue compounding his wins.

In this episode, Eric talks about how maintaining simple habits can transform your business, the power of giving back, and why everyone should steal from time to time.

“I talk about 15 power-ups in the book, but there’s actually a lot more than that in life. Power-ups can be habits, they could be mental models, and there’s a lot of tools. And so the goal in life, one of the things that’s going to help you grow and level-up to your highest potential, is to just go around collecting things and learning and just getting better and better. Getting that one percent better every single day. And part of that involves getting different power-ups.” ~ @ericosiu

Main Takeaways

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