Today's guest is Val Geisler. Val is a Mom, email strategist, writer, and self-described connector. She writes amazing, detailed emails for the world's biggest brands that turn customers into raving fans.

As a mother of two girls and an entrepreneur, Val spends a lot of time thinking about how to raise her girls in the era of the Internet and how to represent being a working mom.

Val's degree and background in theater and as a stage manager gave her the tools and skills she needed to work independently and to build her business chops. It also taught her a lot about the value of having a niche skillset.

After getting out of theater, she worked in retail, sales, and as an in-house email marketer. It took having her second daughter to realize what she wanted was to work on her own terms and on her own time and that freelancing was the best way to accomplish that.

Val is currently creating a workshop for people who want to learn more about the technical side of email.

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In this episode Val talks about:

  • How customer experience is about connecting the dots between your brand and your customers.
  • How being a mom made her realize that we don't need as much as we think we do and how we can apply that mentality to our marketing.
  • How being a specialist can help you raise your rates and go deeper with your clients.

Main Takeaways

  • Your customers are people, not bank accounts. They have needs and wants and need to be nurtured.
  • We live in a highly automated world and everyone wants to feel a personal connection in some capacity and that's what we need to bring back to the online experience.
  • Creating deliverables for your client that they can repurpose and use over and over again adds real value and can open their eyes to more opportunities.
  • Let your niche work for you. Becoming a specialist allows you to go all-in on a subject and can help you attract the right clients.

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