01/ Freelance Products
Earn more from your freelancing business so you can live life the way you want.

I’m Jason Resnick and I’ve been a freelancer since the early 2000s. Yes, it’s been that long. But I don’t want to bore you with that story, I’m sure there’s a podcast or 3 that has it.I’m a big believer in “a rising tide raises all boats.” If there’s something that I’m struggling with in my freelance business, I look around to see if someone has some insight into the situation.

If there’s a process that works for someone and there is a fit for my business, then let’s make it happen.

As a result, I’ve helped 100s if not 1000s of freelancers over the years, and I’ve gone ahead and released the products below to help you with:

  • Getting more leads
  • Find better clients through specializing their business
  • Learn how to spot the bad clients
  • Building recurring revenue
  • Putting systems and processes in place to grow
  • Position you to have clients respect and value you
  • Your marketing both online and offline
  • Product development
  • Getting past imposter syndrome
  • Feeling like you are alone in your journey
  • Reaching the goals you set out for when you began your business

Freelancer’s Sales Kit

Don’t be compared to a flakey freelancer anymore. Be the expert and have leads value what you are bringing to their business.


Hey, I’m Jason

I knew a long time ago that I wasn’t meant for sitting at someone else’s desk. That I wanted to be in control of my own time to be able to do the things that I want, not the things someone else wants.

I started freelancing at the advent of the web and there wasn’t many folks to learn from, resources to read, or communities to participate in. As my business grew, other freelancers began asking what I was doing, what tools were I working with, and wanting to know what they can do to reach the goals they set out for.

So I began writing posts, building a library, speaking at events, and trying to give back in anyway I can. I’ll never give up client services, but being able to help many freelancers is what drives me to be better.

WordPress Development Resource For Your Online Business
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WordPress Development Resource For Your Business
WordPress Development Resource For Your Business

02/ Freelance Services
Want some 1-on-1 personal attention to accelerate your business?

One of the best things I did for myself and my business growth was to talk with others and get a mentor. There are tons to learn and consume online (I know sometimes I’m overwhelmed), but the biggest strides we make is when we stop consume and start implementing.

Find out more about the coaching program.