01/ Automation
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01 / Want more folks to buy your product, service, or course?

The hard fact is that about 30% of those who visit your product, service or course, start the process of buying, actually make the purchase. You’ve added things to your Amazon cart and left them in there only to get tons of emails from them over the next few days, right?

This is called cart abandonment. You can recover up to 25% (or more) of those lost sales. You’ve brought the customer to your site and even got them to add something to their cart. Now don’t let them get away that easily. Cart abandonment isn’t just for products, educate and answer common questions about your course or service to get them to buy.


02 / Want your customers to feel at home?

If you are running a service based business, it’s all about the relationships. How many projects have been signed off on and then only to wait a few days before reaching back out to the new client for a kick-off call?

Make them feel important. Make them feel that they choose the right person for the job. Don’t chip away at the trust you’ve built up with them during the sales process. Get yourself a streamlined campaign to properly introduce them to your business, set some early expectations and create the necessary channels for them to be working with you.


03 / Need to streamline processes for better profits?

Are you doing some things over and over and it just eats away at your time? Things like scheduling meetings/calls, sending introductory emails, onboarding customers, creating users within your systems for things like billing and project management, time tracking, and lead generation qualification.

Saving time on processes is how profits increase. There are some things that just have to be done, even if they are boring and mundane. With some process and automation wrapped around these items, you save hours a week, and even days in a year. Giving you more profits and time back to do what you want to be doing.


04 / Tired of having to remember to send to your list?

Feel stressed about getting out some content to your list every single week? Don’t have time to write something to your email list during the busy times? Stop thinking your email list is there for broadcast messages.

It’s time to leverage existing broadcasts and popular content you’ve produced into an evergreen newsletter. Earn the trust of a new subscriber with your best content. Have them start to profile themselves so that you can better pitch your “thing” to them. Send off a holiday special or a promotion campaign that’s been preset to run. Having workflows and campaigns ready to run as soon as someone triggers it automatically, allows you to add value and sell without having to lift a finger.


I am a Drip Certified Consultant

Drip Certified Consultants are well-equipped and qualified to help their customers achieve greater results through marketing automation with Drip. They not only learn how best to use this powerful tool and integrate it into their clients’ campaigns and workflows, they also learn how to apply the strategies and tactics essential for success in today’s highly competitive, always-on marketplace.

What that means for you is that I’ve been trained and qualified to implement the best strategies and practices for your business to be successful with your Drip automation.
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WordPress Development Resource For Your Business
WordPress Development Resource For Your Business

02/ Development
Are You a site owner? an agency? a designer? Start Here

01 / Your Website not bringing in those sales?

Your business is your business. Websites are my business. You want your website to match the success you have with your business, or help you increase it. That’s what I do. Make changes to your online store to increase your sales. Build up that email list so that you have more potential customers to market to and get more downloads.

When we chat for the first time, I’ll ask about both short- and long-term goals for your business. I may ask some hard questions, I may challenge you. I want to fully understand what “success” looks like 6 or 12 months down the line. That way, I know we’ll get it right the first time.


02 / Frustrated with your site not doing something?

On top of consulting, there’s the nitty gritty developer stuff. Most site owners know they’ll need to be able to do a little work on their sites from time to time. But there are many things under the hood of your site that you’ll want to make sure are handled professionally and with best practices in mind. That’s where I come in.

I will be in lockstep with you making sure your website is as successful as your business, and your business even more successful because of your website.


03 / Want more repeat customers?

One of hardest parts of running an online business is getting a customer. However, once you get one, don’t you want them to buy again? It’s easier to sell to someone who’s bought before. In fact, repeat customers, on average, spend close to 2X more than a first-time buyer.

If you tend to focus on customer acquisition, now is the time to pay attention to how you can grow revenue by looking at your existing customer base. With the data you have and the data we can gather moving forward, you can leverage your existing customer base and drive more revenue. Companies that have mastered this get up to 75% of their revenue from repeat customers.


04 / Do you want to just have the site work for you?

Don’t have enough time in the day? Let me take care of your site for you. Just tell me what you need doing and I’ll get it done for you.

Whether it’s planning an email campaign, scheduling new blog posts, creating new pages on your site, or just seeing how well things are running for your customers, I’ll be more than happy to handle that for you. As I said before, your business is your business. Websites are my business.


Not sure which plan is right?

That’s cool, you’re not the first. Send me a note and we’ll figure it out together.
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