Build a great services page that converts for you

Write and design a services page that converts leads to clients

Including the 1-hour recorded workshop you will get:

  • Services Page Checklist PDF
  • Review of LIVE Services Page
  • 5 Amazing Examples
  • Structure of the Services Page
  • Language to use that converts

Want to have a great services page that converts for you?

Turn your services and features into language that expresses benefits to your leads.

Learn about little tricks like using action words in your headlines, text and buttons.

Learn what the structure of your services page should be.

What sections to include.

Where you can put visuals.

Learn how to turn “ecommerce strategy” -> “Get 2 times the amount of buyers through your checkout process”.

Learn how to turn “web design” -> “Get more foot traffic to your store through intelligent and behavioral web design”.

Learn how to turn “write 4 blog articles per month” -> “Content written to attract and convert customers to your business”.

Your services page should tell a story to the lead that makes the lead buy from you. That’s exactly what you will learn to do.

“This has been awesome! It makes total sense and not sure why I didn’t do this earlier.” – Jon Lahijani

Video Course

1-Hour Recorded Workshop

Walkthrough of Services Page Structure
How to convert jargon into plain English
Reviews of attendees Service Pages



Services Page Checklist
How to Mockup Your Page live
5 Amazing Examples

Meet Your Host

Jason Resnick

I’ve been freelancing for over 10 years building all sorts of websites. I’m not a sales guy, I’m a developer. I reversed engineered successful service pages on the web and decided to build my own because I needed something that spoke to the lead and convey that I can help them. Today my services page is one of the top pages on my website and where I get the most clients converting on.


What Others are Saying

This has been super helpful as we’ve been stuck trying to figure this out. – Kate Gilbert (WP / SS)
What really opened my eyes was the way you reworded maintenance plan options. I’ve always seen them worded the way he had them (a list of features)… and you turned them into benefits instead. – Gwen Ames (Web Access)

You are not alone! Many freelancers and consultants have difficulty with services pages.

Don’t miss out. This is totally self-paced and you can take your time building your dream services page.