Email Automation got your head spinning?
Do you sell services? Run a membership site? Sell products?
Dread the day in week or month that you have to sit down and write an email to blast out to your entire list?

Subscriber behavior

76% of consumers make purchases from an email marketing message
66% of consumers unsubscribe from emails because they aren’t relevant
Triggered email messages have 71% higher open and 102% higher click rates than non-triggered

Did you know?

77% of ROI comes from segmented, targeted and triggered campaigns
Personalized emails deliver 6 times higher transaction rates
Less than 40% of companies and brands send personalized recommendations via email (looking to stand out?)

I built this, so you don’t have to.

Gina Horkey - Founder of Horkey Handbook
“Jason has been able to help us implement changes that we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own and time is never something we have too much of! He took the lead, is organized and proactive – I like that!”

/ Gina Horkey, Founder of Horkey Handbook

Level 1 – Build awareness and grow.

You want to increase your brand awareness, gather up some email addresses, and grow your revenue.

Since you are starting your email marketing journey, Level 1 is designed for you.

You need an optin form, auto-responder, and basic segmentation to increase your awareness with potential customers and stand out. Some examples of this service would include:

Migration to ConvertKit or Drip
This daunting task can paralyze the best of us. Revenue driving strategies and growth shouldn’t be paused because of a tool.

Basic List Segmentation
You should know who your customers and non-customers are. Speaking to each is very different and being able to tailor the experience they have with you will increase their order value with you.

Is your ConvertKit or Drip account a mess?
We all test things, love tags, and create automations that don’t work. Let me get in there and clean your account up so you (and your team) can use it effectively.

Evergreen Newsletter
I know you dread that Wednesday when you need to send out your newsletter out. Let me build a 8-email sequence for you from your best content so that brand new subscribers get your best stuff without you having the pressure to always write every week.

Having a list and then not sending them a Welcome email is like inviting friends over to your house for dinner and not taking their coats (thanks to Val Geisler for the analogy). Make your new email subscriber feel like they are in the right place with a short sequence and get to know them.

$1500 One-Time FeeLET’S TALK, I CAN HELP
Level 2 – One-Time Marketing Objective

You have ConvertKit or Drip to grow your business, but need someone to help with the hands on strategy and implementation with a one-time marketing objective or business need.

You have the power of the tool at your fingertips but are not leveraging it. Level 2 is perfect for your short-term project with a specific timeline.

Increase opportunities by using existing traffic to drive sales, Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotional sequences, webinar primer and followup sequences, and landing page abandonment sequences. Some examples of this service would include:

Your ‘End of Year’ Plan
You should start your Black Friday/Cyber Monday and End of Year email in October before Halloween. After our kick-off call, we hit the ground running with the plan to prime your list, the promotional windows, create an offer, and launch.

Using webinars to sell? You need them to show up and then convert them on the follow-up.
For the best return on your reputation with your partner or your paid ads, you need folks to show up and then make that purchase during the follow-up. Having a sequence that is tailored specifically to the recipient will increase those conversations and grow your revenue.

Promotional loop based on subscriber behavior
Your website has specific pages that are key to sales and driving revenue that if a subscriber lands on, you want them to take that next action with you. Don’t let a distraction like a phone call pull them away.

$4000 One-Time FeeLET’S TALK, I CAN HELP
David Batchelor - Founder of DialMyCalls
“With Jason’s help, we took the time for a customer’s first purchase from about 40 days down to 8 in 6 months.”

/ David Batchelor, Founder of DialMyCalls

Level 3 – Email Marketing Engine

You are too busy with all the other things to run your business and want a certified consultant to run your ConvertKit or Drip account with best practices for growing more revenue your business.

You have the power of the tool at your fingertips but are not leveraging it. Level 3 is perfect for your on-going marketing and email efforts.

Build the solid foundation for advanced segmentation strategies by learning the most from your subscribers, decrease the time to first purchase, increase the repeat purchases, and create raving fans by giving opportunities to refer you and share testimonials. Some examples of this service would include:

Subscriber and Customer Onboarding
Nurturing your email subscriber with relevant emails to encourage them to buy, use, or engage with you will increase your conversions through conversation.

Abandon Cart/Visitor Campaigns
Close to 70% of shoppers will add something to their cart and not check out. Have a launch or special offer? There’s a good chance that your subscriber visited but then forgot to come back. Having a workflow to encourage those interested to return and complete their purchase.

Reviews, Testimonials, and Referrals
Up to 80% of reviews originate from follow-up emails urging shoppers to review their purchases. 95% of customers read online reviews prior to purchase.

Advanced Segmentation
Knowing the intent and motivation behind a potential customer is the key to unlocking that first purchase. By progressively profiling your website visitors and email subscribers, you can efficiently learn the tipping points of your customers.

Upsells, Cross-Sells, and Re-Sells
It’s much easier and more profitable to convert an existing customer to buy again, than a new customer. Share relevant content and product suggestions the make sense for your customer to buy from you again.

$3500 Monthly FeeLET’S TALK, I CAN HELP
WordPress Development Resource For Your Online Business
With Your
WordPress Development Resource For Your Business
WordPress Development Resource For Your Business

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Are you a creator? Want to get the most from ConvertKit’s features? Want to migrate to ConvertKit?

As a ConvertKit Certified Expert, I know the ins and out of ConvertKit. Getting the most from your email list will help you build a better community around you and help you increase sales.


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As a Drip Certified Consultant, I have been trained and have years of experience with many of the other marketing tactics and applications you use and can integrate them with your email list.


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