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Stop feast and famine from killing your freelance business

a live course for freelancers to learn how to get clients
Friday November 30th at 3:30PM EST

Including the 2-hour live workshop you will get:

  • Video Course on Freelancer Sales Bot
  • Video Course on Client Vetting Emails
  • Video Course on Time Blocking
  • Automated Lead Email Sequence
  • Effective Client Email by Curtis McHale

If you are looking for help getting clients and making sure you have the time to do your marketing, this is for you.

When you are deep in project work, it’s so easy to let your marketing slide. We’ve done it, those client problems you’re solving mean money right now.

What if you could have your sales process running 24/7 scouring the web for opportunities?

What if you could give your leads an experience that positions you as an expert?

What if you only talked with high-quality leads that viewed you as an expert?

What if you could use your expert status to charge the rates you want?

What if you had the time to keep marketing while doing great work for your clients?

We will give you a process that will let you keep getting referrals because you rock, so you don’t head into that feast and famine cycle!

We’ll walk you through what has worked to make sure you’re only talking to qualified clients.

In this course, Curtis and I are pulling back the curtain on our own sales processes that have let us build 6 Figure businesses without 60 hour work weeks!

If you’re tired of the slog to get your business going, then don’t wait. Join us!

Live Course

2-Hour Live Workshop

Live Q & A
Walkthrough of Sales setup
Walkthrough of Time Management setup

Freelancer Sales Bot

10-Minute Walkthrough Video

Zapier Recipe
Google Alert Setup
Automated Twitter Search

Time Blocking

10-Minute Walkthrough Video

Weekly Schedule & Strategy
Take Home Presentation



Client Vetting Emails
Installable ConvertKit and Drip Sequences
Effective Client Email

Meet Your Hosts

Jason Resnick

I’ve been freelancing for over 10 years building all sorts of websites. I’m not exactly what you would call one for doing cold calls or knocking on doors. I’m not a sales guy, I’m a developer. I leveraged my skills and built out a process for sales that allowed me to deliver a great service, but maintain my leads and sales. Once in place, I’ve had a steady sales pipeline of leads that allow me to choose who I want to work with.


Curtis McHale

I’d work all the time and barely see my wife and barely have time to hang out with my daughter despite working from of the house 99% of the time. Then I decided to do something about it and turned my business around from barely making mid 5 figures to well into the 6 figures within 12 months. I took on fewer clients and made more money while working less. I’m not teaching you theories but real world practices I put into place in my business.


What Others are Saying

This guy is it when it comes to work and implementing new systems for your business, I’ve worked with lots of highly disorganised people in the past and I really appreciate Jason’s organisational skills! – Bronson Quick (Human Made)
Curtis’s direct approach to business has been very indispensable to me. He’s helped me achieve clarity around what I should be offering my clients and given me confidence to price my work at the level it is actually worth. With Curtis’s guidance, I’ve gotten better clients and taken control of my time. – Kate Moore Hermes (Kate Moore Graphic + Web Design)
There’s so much great information and nuggets in what Jason says. I’ve watched the gone back to the same thing 4 or 5 times and every time I’m getting something else out of it. – Butch Ewing (Bruce & Eddy)

You are not alone! Many freelancers and consultants have difficulty with sales and time management.

Don’t miss out. Even if you can’t attend the course live, your ticket comes with a recording.