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If so, you need a lead generation system that alerts you when leads appear. I'll show you how to set it up to find the right leads and bring them directly to you.

Jason is a rock star in his world. I am always excited to receive his advice and guidance.

- Deyson Ortiz, Video Creator & Entrepreneur

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What others like you are saying:

He's one of the few people I would take advice from, because I know that he has clients. He's not just making money off selling courses on how to make courses. He walks the walk and not talking the talk.

- John Locke, Founder and SEO

I did increase my salary 221.93% as compared to last year! You can't get a raise like that working for someone else. Freelancers have all the fun!”

- Butch Ewing, Developer

I learned what I was missing. Created a project brief form that leads fill out before the call and now I have lots to talk about.

- Jason McCullough, Business Consultant and Digital Strategist

Confident with my position in the space and getting people referring me my best kind of client thanks to Jason's insights, suggestions, and advice.

- Mike Harmer, Founder of popcornsites.com

I had a fear of silence. I can practice letting questions sit and get some air. I also learned new approaches to obtaining answers to difficult questions.

- Bret Carmichael, Founder of Leap Works

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Freelancer’s sales kit

Put processes in place to avoid the slowdowns.

Whether you are starting out or been in business for a few years, you realize there are parts of your sales processes that can use some work.

Let’s face it, the reason is because you aren’t a salesperson, right?

How would it feel if you had the 5 pieces that fill in gaps and allow you to focus on what you are good at?

  • The processes in place so leads see you as the professional.
  • Have leads sitting on the fence to see you as the expert who solves their problems.
  • A method to create an offer (not a discount) to help avoid slow periods.
  • Respect from leads who see the value you bring to their business.
  • Get your pipeline tuned up to help you bring in new clients.

What's included

Yearly Offer Creation

15-Minute Walkthrough Video

- Creation of Your Offer
- Offer Email Swipe File
- Nudge Email Swipe File