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Want to build recurring revenue in your business? Clients not seeing the value you bring? Let's get you reaching the goals you set out for when you started freelancing.

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Want to increase sales? Get the most from your email list? Maybe even build that email list to get more repeat customers? You don’t change your own oil, why mess with your site? Hand me the keys and get some rest.

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Jason was responsive to our needs. He didn't tell us about any unneeded features. We were in a very bad website place when we were introduced to Jason. He took on our project which turned out to be more extensive and complicated than originally thought and Jason hasn't done any less because of it. We are very thankful for his awesomeness.

/ Ginny Salerno, LI2Day Walk

Designers, listen, Jason is the real deal. A developer you can rely on to get the work done beautifully and on schedule, but perhaps more importantly, one who says, "Yes! We'll find a way to do that." He's not scared to push the envelope—he's eager to. He's a great communicator, a reliable partner, he for sure knows his stuff, and is an all around good dude to work with.

/ Megan Gray, House of Grays

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I genuinely care about your goals.

I not only connect with you on a business level but also on a personal level.


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Need that "in-house" developer? Need someone who is professional and listens to what you and your business want to do?
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Whether you are starting your freelance business or been around for a few years, you realize there are parts of your sales processes that can use some work.
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