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If so, you need a lead generation system that alerts you when leads appear. I'll show you how to set it up to find the right leads and bring them directly to you.

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    Butch Ewing

    Butch Ewing


    "I did increase my salary 221.93% as compared to last year! You can't get a raise like that working for someone else. Freelancers have all the fun!"

    Kate Gilbert

    Kate Gilbert


    "I've gained confidence to say no to bad customers, and getting better at recognizing bad clients. Our focus has improved a lot. Rather than working on everything at once, the coaching sessions helped breakdown and prioritize the work."

    Kai Davis
    / Kai Davis, kaidavis.com
    "I am always amazed and in awe at the quality and quantity of educational material Jason puts out there to help freelancers and consultants live in the FEAST."
    Chris Ducker
    / Chris Ducker, Youpreneur
    "Jason understands what's needed to build a business around your expertise and your personality."

    How I

    I genuinely care about your goals.

    I not only connect with you on a business level but also on a personal level.

    01/ FEAST

    Feast is the Freelancer's Roadmap and Community for you to niche down, specialize your business and build recurring revenue.
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    02/ COACHING

    How to accelerate your business by building recurring revenue? Want the personal attention? Get my Niche Down Framework.
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    * On a personal note, there is a ton of snake-oil out there. With me, it's what you see is what you get. No fluff, pie in the sky dreaming.

    I'm straightforward and genuinely looking to help you reach your goals both professionally and personally every single step of the way.