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I help online business owners—like yourself—reach their next level goals through process, automation, and most of all action!

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A Freelancer

A Freelancer

Do you want better clients? Want to build a stable freelance business?

Want to get out of that feast or famine cycle for good?

Time to put in place your sales process. One that does the work for you.

This class will walk you through setting up a custom, automated lead generation system that uses Twitter, your current contacts, and more to bring you the clients you want to work with.

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An E-Commerce Entrepreneur

An E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Did you know that 67% of people will come to your site and not buy?

You could change just a few things on your website to increase your sales up to 30%.

This class will walk you through knowing exactly what your customers are doing. No More Guessing!

With that information & the exclusive TEAR and C-D-E-F Processes, you will increase your sales.

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I thought there was something wrong

For years I helped businesses build successful websites, online stores, and internal applications. Both when I was working full time for someone else and freelancing.

Two years into my full time freelancing career I hit a wall. That wall was more like a ceiling. Even though I had great long term clients, I felt myself at a crossroads.

I had developed systems for my clients. Systems that helped them grow their businesses. These systems were processes that I built from years of learning and testing on various E-commerce based websites.

The results of these systems added tremendous value to my clients.

Some of which saw increases of almost 30% more sales through their online stores.

Others found their email lists growing 105% over a 6 month period.

Once the goal was defined, a system could be put in place. The system would always have some way of measuring and gathering information to see the effect of any changes. Once things were in place, it was just a matter of trusting the process to achieve the goal.

The crossroads that I found myself at was how I was going to grow my business to where I needed it to be.

Why wasn’t I able to get where I wanted to be with my business, but was successful with my clients?

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I needed to take a look at my own business as if it were a client of mine. I needed to take my freelance business to that next level and become sustainable. Get out of that feast or famine cycle and stop chasing that next project.

How would I grow my business though when I didn’t have the money to hire?

This is the big question most freelancers ask themselves. Scaling a business as a solopreneur is a unique and difficult problem.

I have the mindset of a developer, obviously. So I thought that maybe I could figure out a way to make the manual tasks that are repeatable in my business automatic.

Over the next several years, and to this day, I’m continuing to do just that. I built my lead generation and sales process to run on it’s own. I built other automatic systems within my business to handle all the tasks that I used to have to manually, such as onboarding, meetings, status updates, and much more.

Having a stable freelance business allows me to focus on my clients not the projects.

Because I was doing this, I was able to focus on my clients and give them what they needed; a sustainable business that wasn’t chasing the next project. As I focused my energy on my clients and pivoted my business, I was able to 10x my monthly revenue in 6 months.

Knowing that my business is sustainable, I’m able to give my clients 110% of my efforts and just let the business itself do its thing. When I’m coding up a custom plugin to help a client generate more customers, my business is doing what it needs to do to ensure sustainability.

Business is about the relationship between people, it’s not about brands. When the business is good, the people are at their best.